Caipirinha (kai-pir-in-ya)


So if you are a lover of our blog you may recognize this drink because we have featured it before, but this article is pretty cool about the history of Brazil’s Caipirinha.  Happy thirsty Thursday everyone, check out this article and let the flavors of Brazil inspire your next destination!


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Southern Charm

shutterstock_74285437.jpgAs the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville has couples opportunities to offer it’s visitors. Founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark, the city is named for famed French King Louis XVI. Although there are endless options of things to do in the city, Louisville is mostly known for: the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

So what can you do in this cool city that is known for bringing us some of the best things in the world? Well I am glad you asked! First you can make a visit to Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby takes place each year. If you are there in May for the big horse race you can sample a mint julep, which is the official drink of the derby. Over 120,000 are sold each year over the course of the two day event. Also make sure to check out the largest baseball bat outside the Louisville Slugger factory.

This city is also know for excellent bluegrass music, Bourbon and southern style food. Visit Louisville’s Bourbon Bistro, which offers over 130 varieties of Bourbon. If you don’t like your Bourbon straight and want to order a cocktail stick to Old Fashions or Manhattans. People from Louisville frown upon mixing Bourbon with Coke.

Looking to take the kids? Great! Louisville has a great zoo that is sure to entertain. Or take them to the Muhammed Ali Center. Even if you aren’t a fan of boxing this huge museum offers interactive exhibits as well as amazing presentations. And don’t worry even if you see a lot of people going in ahead of you, this place is huge and there is generally not much waiting!

Are you a lover of history and literature? Louisville plays several interesting roles in history. The historic old Louisville neighborhood is one of the largest Victorian neighborhoods in the United States. Take a stroll by these gorgeous homes. Are there an F. Scott Fitzgerald lovers out there? As a young lieutenant F.Scott was stationed near Louisville providing inspiration for many settings of the Great Gatsby.

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Drinking around the World

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.42.54 AM.pngOk I am continuing my love of quizzes this week with one I found about testing your knowledge of drinks from around the world. Since it is thirsty Thursday I figured this would be a great addition to our normal informative blogs. I did take the quiz, like I do all the ones I shared and I got 7/10, not horrible, but some of these questions are real stumpers. One bonus though, a few of the questions that are asked you will know if you read our thirsty Thursday blog frequently! So now it’s your turn, test your knowledge and learn a little at the same time!

Now that you know so much about the different drinks from all over the world share with us the ones you want to try! I am very interested in the best selling beer! Interested in trying these drinks in their native lands? Contact us today!

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