It’s all Greek to Me

water_and_ouzo.jpgThirsty Thursday is here again and you know what that means, time for the drink of the week. This week’s feature comes to us all the way from Greece–Ouzo. This anise flavored liqueur is the national beverage of Greece, but it can also be found in Cyprus. It became an exclusively Greek product in 2006, similar to Sangria of Spain and Portugal as well as Champagne to the Champagne region of France. Lets learn a little more about this cultural¬†beverage.

First created by monks in the 14th century in Mt. Athos, Ouzo didn’t go into modern production until the 19th century. The first distillery was located in Tyrnavos in 1856 and owned by Nikolaus Katsaros, which is where one of the most popular brands of Ouzo comes from–Ouzo Tyrnavos. Unlike many Thirsty Thursday feature we don’t have any conflicting stories about Ouzo. Sorry no bar fights over a drink this week.

Generally taken as a shot, the drink can also be served with water on the rocks. It is known as an aperitif and if you have been an avid reader of the blog, you know that means a before dinner drink or part of happy hour. Generally served with appetizers such as fish, olives and feta cheese. Ouzo tastes similar to absinthe because of its anise flavor. But became much more popular with the banning of Absinthe during the 20th century.

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Thirsty Thursday

KC0205_Paloma_s4x3.jpgFor all of our travelers headed to Mexico here is a drink you are certainly going to want to order. According to, “It turns out the Paloma, not the Margarita, is Mexico’s most beloved cocktail.” So lets learn a little about this fun festive drink.

Paloma, the Spanish word for dove, is a fun refreshing beverage for anyone. Whether you are drinking it in it’s native Mexico or making at home for upcoming barbecue’s it is a great warm weather drink. There are two options for making the drink. Originally it is made with white tequila, and grapefruit soda. Served over ice and garnished with a lime wedge. For a fresher taste fresh grapefruit juice and club soda along with freshly squeezed lime can replace the soda.

So for all of our travelers you will have one more drink option for your unlimited drink and food package. Good luck and please feel free to write me after you’ve tried your first or seventh Paloma!

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Excuse my French


Whether you live the fabulous life or just want to add a little class to your next cocktail party, this fancy drink will be right up your alley. The Kir Royale is a French cocktail that will make you feel like you are sipping your bubbly at Versailles even if you’re just in your living room. And the best part, it only calls for two ingredients. Someone famous somewhere¬†said, “There is beauty in simplicity,” and I honestly believe they must have been talking about the Kir Royale. So here is what you will need: Champagne and Creme de Cassis. And for those of you who have never heard of the second ingredient, no worries, it’s actually fairly common and you should be able to find it at any large liquor stores.

lejay-bottle.jpgSo lets learn a little more about this simply fantastic drink. A Kir Royale is actually a spin on another French cocktail just known as a Kir. Kir’s are made with Creme de Cassis and a white wine. So the only difference is the champagne, but lets be honest champagne makes everything more fun. For those of you wondering what Cassis is, it’s a dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants. Blackcurrants are berries native to central and northern Europe and as far as I can tell are similar to blackberries and are also used in jellies and jams. One of the most common brands of Creme de Cassis is known as Lejay. And if this drink wasn’t already fancy enough, the same cassis buds used for Lejay Creme de Cassis are also used in the high end perfume Chanel No. 5. But don’t worry the Liqueur is much cheaper per ounce than the perfume.

So now that I have inspired your thirsty Thursday drink of choice it is time to get out there and sample this fancy beverage. I plan on making them this weekend for my husband’s birthday, make sure to check out our Instagram for pictures!

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