How bout them Apples (vacations)

With our Big Apple Vacations Sale wrapping up today, getting these great deals will soon be a thing of the past. To end this week of great savings I thought that I would highlight some of the best deals and favorite locations of our travellers as well as us here at Ambassador Travel. Although the savings have been great, these three locations have definitely stood out. The great thing about them is that they are all very unique and in such different locations.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.25.07 AMSecrets Huatulco: This beautiful property was built in 2011, so it is one of the newest in the Huatulco area. Because of its hillside design the resort features stunning views of the ocean. Take your taste buds to new levels with their endless options for gourmet eats. Whether you are in the mood for Mexican, Italian, French, Asian, seafood or lighter options like the grill or café/bakery you Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.25.19 AMwill not be disappointed. This adult only all-inclusive resort features a plethora of bars with top shelf liquor options. Guests are able to dine without reservations on property or explore the dinner options at the Dreams Huatulco just a short drive away. The resorts spa options allow for romance to rule the trip. Also for those active couples there are tennis court, free non-motorized watersports as well as tons of excursion possibilities. Secrets Huatulco is a relaxing vacation that is calling your name.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.27.24 AMDreams Sands Cancun: This fabulous resort is coming in at less than $1400 per person for 7 nights depending on travel dates and availability with our Apple Sale ending today! Cancun has reinvented itself from its party past, with resorts like the Dreams Sands. Here you will enjoy all inclusive amenities including 6 gourmet restaurants, buffet option, grill and café/ice cream parlor. Although this is a family friendly resort, there are many bar options as well as unlimited top shelf spirits for the adults. Let the kids and teens enjoy the explorer Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.28.10 AMclub that allows for day and night activities. Enjoy your days at the private 650-foot beach where you can enjoy free non-motorized watersports as well as movies on the beach in the evenings. Dreams Sands is a perfect destination for the whole family.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.31.28 AMSecrets Papgayo: Opening November 20th of this year, Secrets Papgayo in Guanacaste Costa Rica is the newest resort that I am featuring. Coming in at $1694 per person for 7 nights departing Chicago April 1st, this deal is truly amazing. Aside from it being adults only and all-inclusive, Secrets Papgayo is truly unlimited luxury. Upon arrival guests are greeted with cocktails and towels to start the vacation off on the most relaxing and luxurious note as possible. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks served daily along with unlimited fruit, soft drinks and top shelf liquor. Room service runs 24 hours a day and the pool and beach have wait service. Secrets Papgayo offers endless activities, no reservations as well as no wristbands. With its 5 restaurants and 4 Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.31.47 AMbars the options will keep you coming back for more. As an added bonus enjoy various theme nights throughout your stay, some have included a private beach party as well as karaoke night. Costa Rica offers jungle experiences like no other vacation you have been on before.

Now that you have a brief snippet about some of the best deals out there, don’t hesitate these deals are nearly over. Give us a call at Ambassador Travel if you would like to find out more information about anything you’ve read here. Or if you would like to hear about other destinations we would love to help you. But don’t forget the sale ends today! 920.236.7777

Trivia Tuesday

Last week on Trivia Tuesday I asked another question that we all already knew the answer to. “Is Travelling Good for your Relationship” if you answered with the obvious yes, then you would be correct. My true motive behind this was to use our trivia Tuesday as a stepping-stone to educate all of our wonderful readers about the benefits of traveling with your partner and what it can do for said relationship. Last week I proved to you all the vast health (both physical and mental) benefits of travelling in general, but while I was researching I noticed that there were a lot of benefits for couples, so I decided to make it an entirely different blog post. So here it is.

First off if you are in a new to somewhat new relationship, travelling together can give you insight into this person you are spending so much time with. According to Steve Brody, Clinical Psychologist, “At home we get into patterns, and we know what to expect. On the road, everything is changing and everything is on the fly. That’s as a good test of a relationship as there is.” Here you can learn how your partner reacts in situations, if they take directions, if they give them. It’s not necessarily finding out about how you travel together as it is how you interact in stressful or unknown situations.

According to couples who travel together reported having grown closer during the vacation, they had an ignited sense of closeness and intimacy. We all know that vacations can be romantic, heck that’s why hotels were invented, but it honestly goes beyond that. Couples need to work together, all decisions are made together, it breaks them out of their routines and allows them to listen to each other and come up with even the most simple decisions as a team.

Now all of these results come with stipulations. These are best-case scenarios. What I mean is couples that grow closer together during vacation are probably already the couples that are going to survive and are thriving in general. Couples that are on the rocks and have a hard time communicating are probably not going to experience this renewed sense of closeness and togetherness, instead travelling together may make them realize that they are not good communicators. But in all reality that may be a best-case scenario.

Overall what I am trying to say is that travel is a wonderful thing, its good for your health, it strengthens your good relationships and it gives you a better out look on life. For your opportunity to improve so many aspects in your life, call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

This Week’s Trivia: Which city is home to the world’s tallest ferris wheel? 

Irish I were in Ireland

11219310_10153725242201833_6071130322015494706_nIt has always been one of my dreams to go to Ireland, as an American many of us can say some of our ancestors are from there. With its beautifully green scenery, magical folklore and of course great drinks, this island has a lot to offer. Although I am landlocked for now you and I will both be able to live vicariously through travel consultant Connie because she just returned from an Adventures by Disney in Ireland. Read here what she had to say:

11954679_10153725242336833_5961391743195522026_n“From start to finish everything was taken care of. The two adventure guides are there to take care of your every whim. Our luggage was brought by staff at the hotel to our room and when we departed we didn’t see if again until the next hotel or castle that we were staying in. When we arrived at the hotel we always had express check in and went right up to our rooms. The city tour guides gratuities were all included in the vacation price so no need to constantly be reach in your pockets. The Adventure by Disney guides are the only people we had to tip. Breakfast and wifi at each of our hotels were included. In Dublin we did a city tour that is similar to our Duck Tour in the Wisconsin Dells. It was Viking themed and we all had hats on and everyone would “argh” past on unsuspecting people on the sidewalks. After departing Dublin we moved toward Killarney with a stop at Rock of Chashel. Once we were settled in at Killarney we went on a Ghost Walk. We learned from locals about the history and magical stories about the past. We ended in an abandoned Abbey to see if we could find any ghost. The second day in Killarney we traveled to Muckross House to have a privately guided tour and lunch after. That afternoon you could take a bike ride to the falls. The evening was filled with Kat Kearney’s Cottage and Irish food, dancing and our tour guide sang Oh Danny Boy (her voice was amazing!). The next morning we woke to continue or journey to Dromoland Castle with a stop along the way to kiss the Blarney Stone. The arrival at Dromoland Castle was so awesome when we were greeted by horses and hounds. When we approached the entrance the staff was lined up outside to greet us. My friend and I were brought to our room that was a special part of the castle that was added on for the arrival of a Queen that was to come and visit. 11953284_10153725243901833_4281397536843545185_nWe learned more of the story from our local guide that took us around the grounds of the Castle to tell us stories of the rich past. The next morning was my favorite. I got up and had a massage in the spa, then met up with my friend to learn about archery and then we had a friendly competition. Afterwards we continued onto see hawks, falcons and owls. We had them landing on our hands and heads while an expert explained the history of this traditional pastime. You could also partake in golf, biking, hiking, boating, or horseback riding. Our final full day in Ireland was spent at an Irish working farm and making scones. We then went onto Cliffs of Moher with a visit to O’Briens Tower to see the majestic scenery. As our journey comes to an end we have a memorable farewell dinner with a closing slide show of the photos.“

I don’t know about you, but each thing Connie described sounds like an Irish dream come true. Staying in castles, learning about history from locals and enjoying Irish food. For those of you who don’t know Adventures by Disney is Disney’s highest end touring option. Here you get Disney quality without the theme park experience. They boast trips all around the globe, including river cruising. If this is something you would be interested in give Ambassador Travel a call today and ask to speak to Connie 920.236.7777

In Flight Delicacy

So I was all set to write about reviews on best luggage this week, but I will be saving that for a later time. On my quest to read every and all travel articles on the internet I stumbled across one on the best in flight food options. We all know the age old tale of dreading onboard dining, but these companies are making it a thing of the past. I am sharing the link with you below. But I will say that I have never had the pleasure of dining on any of these airlines. Probably the most likely for our travelers to take would be Virgin Airlines. When you check out the article you will see they have partnered with Dean and DeLuca to offer onboard snacks like gummy bears and gourmet popcorn. I don’t know about you, but that seems a heck of a lot better than peanuts and plain pretzels or should I say plane pretzels.

Anyway another cool idea that I have never heard was Singapore Air is offering a pre flight meal choice. So you are able to order your dinner before even boarding the plane. I remember back in the day of paper tickets I was asked if I was a vegetarian once before a flight to Europe, but this makes it much much more convenient.

Like I said above I have never had the pleasure of travelling on any of these airlines, but I have travelled on a lot and definitely have my own opinions. Obviously.  Of all the airlines I have flown the Polish airline LOT had the best food I have ever been served on a plane. It was Beef stroganoff and it was amazing. I haven’t flown them since, and this was in 2009, but I can only imagine the food has gotten better. I have also enjoyed snacks aboard Germany’s Lufthansa airlines. I know at least on their domestic flights that they serve Bavarian soft pretzels, which if you haven’t gotten a chance to travel to Germany are divine.


Please read this article and let me know some of the best and worst foods you’ve ever eaten on a plane!

Appleton Oktoberfest

For most of us it is too late to book a trip to Germany to celebrate Oktoberfest in the fatherland. Fortunately for us Wisconsinites and our German ancestors the beer festival is brought to us yearly. Although it is not on quite the scale that Munich can provide Appleton’s Octoberfest is still one of the largest in the United States. With live music, activities, shopping, food and of course beer this is a fun weekend for the whole family. If you loved Mile of Music then you will be happy to know festivals like Oktoberfest paved the way. According to the Oktoberfest website this fun filled weekend has been going on since 1981 and was the result in wanting to promote businesses, showcase downtown and promote Appleton’s image.

Like anything Oktoberfest has evolved over the years, what initially started as a one day event with multiple beer gardens has turned into Appleton’s biggest block party that lasts for the duration of the weekend. If you are looking for an authentic meal don’t forget to stop by Old Bavarian, and try my personal favorite the Wiener Schnitzel with Spaetzel. This is basically pan fried breaded pork with a side of dumplings.

Just like the classic Oktoberfest in Munich make sure to check out the live music and various other forms of entertainment. Enjoy living in a city with small town charm and big city activities. Oktoberfest is a true treasure of Northeastern Wisconsin. Check out the Oktoberfest website here: If you enjoy Oktoberfest in Appleton and want to check out where it originated give us a call for more information on Oktoberfest in Germany. 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment

Beautiful Beaches

varaderoAlthough travel in Cuba is restricted to educational touring the country has gems that some day I assume will be open to free travel. If you are Canadian or European then the city of Varadero Beach is probably quite well known to you. This 12 mile long stretch of beachfront is one of the most popular beach getaways in Cuba. Nestled just 75 miles east of Havana on a peninsula on the Northeastern coast this vacation town is a hot spot for the domestic and international tourist.

PV 01(1)Of all the hotel rooms in Cuba, ⅔ of them are located in Varadero Beach. This fun holiday location houses night clubs, cabarets, all inclusive hotels, golf courses and of course restaurants. Although you can find a taste of Cuba here the all inclusive resorts are not always the most authentic. This destination was once an escape for the rich and famous, but now it is much easier for the middle class of Cuba to afford. For a more authentic experience a day trip to Cardenas just a short drive from Varadero Beach will give you real Cuban food, culture and much more.

Once tourism is completely open to U.S. citizens I believe that Varadero Beach will be up there in the ranks of popular caribbean locations such as Jamaica, Cancun or Puerto Rico. For now we can dream about the most beautiful beaches in the world, and book a trip to Cuba to take in as much culture from your tours as you can. For more information please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777

Double Dose of Club Med-icine

Last week we asked if Travel was good for your overall health. This is of course a trick question because the only suitable answer is Heck yes! Whether you bike through the mountains or spend your time sipping cocktails on the beach your overall health is affected in more ways than you could probably ever imagine.

First off, for those who like extreme and adventurous travel you are obviously getting a workout from being up and moving, even if you are just a simple tourist some of those days are spent doing more walking than anything else. I know when I have taken tours we would sometimes walk 10+ miles in one day. But don’t worry if you are more of a R&R type of traveller your health advantages far outweigh the bottomless pina colada effects.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, an annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%. Now these studies that I will be sharing with you have taken into account the variables that include lifestyle, health history etc. We all love to vacation, and with the clear health advantages you’re probably going to want to book a trip immediately, but keep reading, it gets better.  Did you know that after only a day or two of vacation blood pressure, heart rate and levels of epinephrine (a stress hormone) decline on holidays.

USA Today reports that taking time away from work and your daily routine can allow the body to replenish and repair itself. Leisure activities like vacationing can also contribute to higher positive emotional levels and less depression. With travel being great for both your physical and emotional health there are truly only positives to getting away, even for the weekend.

Because of activities throughout your time away vacationing can also contribute to a smaller waistline. How great is that? You get to get away and also stay healthy.

More facts for you: The LA Times finds that women who vacation at least twice a year have significantly lower risks of developing heart attacks and coronary deaths. On the reverse men who did not take a yearly vacation were shown to have a 20% higher risk of death and about a 30% greater risk of death from heart disease. And if you remember from above travel can cut the risk of heart attacks by 50%. Plus for anyone who is impatient, like we all know we are, the health benefits of vacationing can show after just one or two days away.

Overall travel is exciting, educational, relaxing and now a HUGE benefit to your health. There are countless other benefits of travel, that we would love to help you discover. For your next dose of medicine give us a call 920.236.7777

This week’s trivia question: Can travelling help your relationship?

Makin’ Memories Monday

One of the great perks of being a travel professional is getting to travel and explore new hotels and cities to gain knowledge for our clients. One of the newest members of Ambassador Travel, Brittany, had the great opportunity to travel to Riviera Maya a few weeks ago, check out her write up below to find out all about the hotels and area she experienced.

On my recent trip to Mexico we toured most of the AM Resorts in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Many people would not think of taking a vacation in september, however the weather was perfect for sitting in the pool/ocean all day! We didn’t explore in the city too much, but we did drive by several big shopping areas that have stores with anything you could want- brand name clothes, swimsuits, sunglasses ect. – and there is a local market where you can find locally made goods. A few of my favorite hotels were the Now Sapphire- which had a beautiful lobby with lots of flowing water areas, it had a nice beach with pools that had lots of activities going on!   The Royalton was also a favorite- it had a beautiful view of the ocean as soon as you walked into the lobby (while being greeted with champagne.  They had a very nice rooms, some with great views of the ocean. The pool was very nice and had a great activities area- while we were there they were having a surfing competition! The Royalton also had some great restaurants options with one restaurant housing over 700 guests (great for large group trips who want to eat together)!  The Ocean Coral and Turquesa was a great hotel for families- they have three different pool areas (kids, activity, adult) and very nice rooms with capacity for 4 adults and 1 child. They had a lot to do, with activities and a nice beach. Perfect resorts for family or large family trips!

To see pictures from Brittany’s getaway please follow us on Pinterest, here you can see all of our upcoming and past trips as well as get great travel tips!

If you would like to find out more about these fabulous locations, please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Check us out!

If you love our blog as much as we do and can’t get enough, fret no more we are taking our Where in the World Wednesday to new heights. We will be featuring our wednesday blog on Marty in the Morning B104.7 every Wednesday. So in case you haven’t had time to check out our latest featured locations you will have a chance to hear all about them on the radio every week.

If you are unfamiliar with our Where in the World Wednesday blog this is where we pick a location every week and show our readers all the great travel opportunities there. Destinations have millions of opportunities for each individual traveller and we like to highlight some of the best ones. Currently we are doing a series on Norway and Cuba. Each week I alternate between the two countries, spot lighting a new city each week. This allows us to show our readers all the great cities these countries have to offer without limiting the details to one blog post.

Make sure to check us out on Marty in the Morning each week! And if there are any destinations you would like to see featured please visit our website and fill out a comment form!

Tote-ally necessary

We all know that travelling comes with its stresses. Between packing and all the planning (which you can leave to us here at Ambassador travel) it can be a lot to think about. Since it is thirsty Thursday I would like to introduce a product that will make packing your most prized possessions aka wine simple and worry free. The Meritage Deluxe Insulated Wine and Cheese tote is a great way to keep those bottles of vino packed away for wherever you’re off to next.

Aside from safe packing options this tote makes having a spontaneous or planned picnic just that much easier. For those of us who cannot afford or squeeze in a vacation right now, planning a romantic picnic may be just the escape we need to get us to our next adventure. Pack up your cab and pinot and your smelliest cheese (or cheese curds for the less refined) and head out to your favorite park, waterfront or even the back yard. The Meritage tote is only $69.99 and includes 2 wine glasses, wood cutting board, cheese knife, corkscrew, bottle stopper (like you’re not going to finish the bottle) and two cotton napkins.

With this set you are sure to be ready for any vacation whether you are driving, flying or just walking out to the backyard. Either way your wine is safe and you can travel with ease. To purchase your own wine tote follow this link: