New Year, New Drink

Ok people, we all know this is the time of year when resolutions are strong and we truly believe that the next 365 days are going to bring a newness to our lives. Well we are here to make your resolutions happen for you! Today, as it is Thirsty Thursday, I am sharing a great article I found on, wait for it–The 15 Healthiest Cocktails. Who says you can’t enjoy some of your favorites and still shed the pounds for your big trip, not us! So if you are planning on heading to warmer climates with a trip you booked with us at Ambassador and want to continue sipping your favorite drinks, this list may help! So grab a limoncello champagne, hit the gym and prepare for your big trip to Italy! Good luck and remember, we never judge 😉


15 Of The Healthiest Cocktails:


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Hello all and welcome to this week’s installment of our Thirsty Thursday blog. I have been trying to feature drinks from all over the world lately and today we are traveling to Argentina. This week’s featured drink is Fernet and cola. So lets learn a little bit about this beverage and where you can sample it yourself.

Fernet is an Italian spirit. It is made from a variety of herbs and spices depending on the brand. It is often served in Europe as a digestiv, which we learned is an after dinner drink in previous blog posts. Fernet’s it typically 45% alcohol and is said to smell like black licorice flavored listerine. Which, you can assume then tastes a bit like minty black licorice. And although this spirit comes to us from Italy it is one of the most popular drinks in Argentina.

During the late 19th and early 20th century parts of South America saw a large number of Europeans moving to places like Argentina. With them, they brought of course their cooking and culture, but specifically Fernet. Argentina consumers over 35% of all the Fernet sold world wide. Over 3 million liters are drank in Argentina annual. The most popular brand of Fernet in Argentina is Fratelli Branca.

The spirit is commonly mixed with coke, which is then called a Fernadito or simply Fernet and cola. This drink ws invented in Cordoba, Argentina in the mid 80s and spread to Buenos Aires in the 90s. It has only continued to grow in popularity since then. If you want to try the drink state side, head over to San Franscico. The bay area actually consumers 25% of all Fernets sold in the United States.

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Serbian Slivovitz

191331-slivovitz-main.jpgHello everyone and welcome to our Thirsty Thursday blog. Today we are taking you on a journey throughout central and easter Europe to learn about a plum brandy known as Slivovitz. Let’s get started!

Slivovitzs is a fruit brandy made from damson plums. It is produced throughout central and eastern Europe in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. The word Slivovitz comes from the Slavic word for plum, which is fitting becuase like I said above it is made using damson plums. It is produced both commercially and in homemade versions. And it’s origins are rooted in countries that were formally part of Yugoslavia.

Although you can find this drink widely throughout central and eastern Europe we are going to focus on it’s Serbian form today. Slivovitz or Slivovica, as it is known in Serbia, is the country’s national drink. And quite fittingly plums are the national fruit of Serbia so it makes sense. Production and consumption of Slivovitz is part of age old tradtions throughout the country. Meals in Serbia generally begin and end with a plum product. Slivovitz is an apertif so often times the drink will be served at the start of a meal. The plum brandy is also used at celebrations of rites of passages. You will defintely find it at births, baptisms, marriages and even funerals. Aside from it’s tradition in cultural events, Slivovitz can also be found in a variety of folk remedies dating back hundreds of years. Serbia is the largest experoter of Slivovitz in the world and the second largest exporter of plums. Slivovica is generally drank driectly from the leather wrapped bottle or served in a chilled shot glass.

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