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The great thing about my job (Goddess of All Things Media) is that part of what I do involves Pinterest. That’s right children someday when you grow up part of your job could be pinning all day :). Going to our Pinterest page, link will be provided below, will give you updated info on our future groups, where we have been lately as well as resources like travel tips. Pinterest is one of the most versatile and far reaching social medias and we are continuing to build ours up more and more everyday.

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City Spirits

various type of alcoholic drinks isolated on white

As I was watching one of my favorite shows the other night I realized that there are tons of drinks out there named after cities. Some I’ve heard of, others not so much. And this, like many other things I spend my time doing on the internet, gave me inspiration for our Thirsty Thursday blog post. I wanted to know if these drinks really had anything to do with the famous cities that they are named after, how they got their stories and to maybe inspire you all to take a vacation by celebrating in a city that the following drinks were named for. Now as I searched google for drinks named after cities, I came across a whole bunch. And I decided to work with these 3, mostly because they are all drinks that I have heard of, as well as the cities they represent.

Manhattan: The Manhattan has a couple different stories. The first is that it was invented by Dr. Iain Marshal at the Manhattan Club in New York City in the 1870s. He was rumored to invent it for presidential candidate Samuel J. Tilden, who later was beat out by Rutherford B. Hayes. The drink was originally made with American Whiskey, Italian Vermouth and Angostura Bitters. During prohibition however, Canadian Whiskey replaced the America because it was available.

Other accounts sight that it was made in the 1860s by a bartender referred to as “Black” at a bar in Manhattan on Broadway.

Either way it has become a delicious cocktail enjoyed by many in and out of the Big Apple.

Long Island Iced Tea: Again another drink with a few different versions. The first time the drink appears in literature is 1961 which will lead you to believe it had to be invented before that time. However, the drink is credited to Robert Butt who submitted the famous drink to a contest for coming up with a new cocktail that contained triple sec. Butt did this in 1972 while working at Oak Beach Inn on Long Island.

The other story, which would seem more likely due to the date was made during the 1920s during prohibition. A man referred to as “Old Man Bishop” in a town called Long Island near Kingsport, Tennessee made a drink with Whiskey, maple syrup, and 5 different kinds of liquor.

Today Long Islands are made with cola and 4 equal parts of liquor.

Champagne: We know Champagne was invented in Champagne due to the fact that sparkling wine donning the title Champagne must come from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France. According to history, it was invented near the 5th century. Originally the grapes for this bubbly beverage were grown by Romans then later by churches, specifically monks. Champagne has a rich history that still holds true today. Originally French Kings were anointed in Reims and served Champagne as part of the coronation. The oldest recorded sparkling wine ever invented was by a Benedictine Monk in the Abbey of Saint-Hilaire. But because of how long Champagne has been around there is still debate of exactly how it came to be one of the most coveted drinks in the world.

Exciting Excursions


Whether you love history, or just a great excursion, swimming in the Cenotes in Mexico can give you both! A Cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole formed by dissolving rock that exposes groundwater. They are very common in the Yucatan Peninsula and were used by the Mayan people for many reasons, one of which was human sacrifice. (duh duh duh) Although I have never experienced swimming in them, thanks to our lovely group of ladies at Ambassador Travel, I have some great first hand accounts for you.

“Swimming in a Cenote is really cool–both literally and figuratively. Cenotes are formed when the roof of a cave collapses and the underground river is exposed. The water is fresh and is not warmed to the extent that the Caribbean is. You can swim, snorkel, and even dive in some Cenotes. (Always do this with a guide) When swimming in a Cenote it’s awesome to remember the historical significance Cenotes had to the Maya–both as a way to transport goods and the religious uses. If you love history and want a different type of swimming experience, definitely swim in a Cenote.” -Liz Kaprelian

Liz brings up several awesome points about making this one of your must do excursions while visiting the Yucatan Peninsula. Our wonderful owner Susie Leib also brought to my attention that, some hotels even have their own Cenote’s that guests are able to swim in. One of these resorts is Sandos Caracol, which is an eco resort, allowing their guest to really experience all the natural beauty that Mexico has to offer.

If this exciting excursion gets you in the mood to travel call us 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!

Trivia Tuesday


Last week we asked you where the next Summer Olympics are being held. This was probably an easy one for many of you who love the games. If you answered Rio De Janeiro, Brazil then you would be correct! You may be asking yourself how this is a travel trivia question. Well do I have the answer for you. One of the thousands of options for travel in the world, includes sports travel. That’s right, people travel around the country and sometimes the world to see their favorite teams play. That being said, thousand and thousands of people flock to the Olympics every 4 years. And when they are held in locations like Rio, what better way to spend an incredible vacation and see a sports event of a lifetime.

The 2016 olympic games, more formerly known as the games of the XXXXI Olympiad are being held from August 5th – August 21st 2016. Rio beat out Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo to land this coveted spot. This is only the 3rd time the games will have been held in the Southern Hemisphere. The two other times were both Australia in 1956 and 2000. 28 different sports will take place in 35 different venues. Some of which include: Barra da Tijuca, Copacabana, Deodoro and the world famous Maracana football stadium.

Rio is one of the most visited cities in the Southern Hemisphere and is known as the gateway to South America. People travel to Rio for a variety of reasons including: its natural beauty, Rio has some of the most gorgeous Beaches in the entire world. Other tourist attractions include the Carnival celebration, Maracana, which is the largest football stadium in the world. Brazil is rich in culture, cuisine, which includes its world famous barbeque, and all around great weather.

One important thing to note about Brazil, Rio especially, is that it prides itself in tourism. Meaning their are great accommodations, amazing sightseeing opportunities and basically an all around great time.

One of our amazing consultants, Veronica, loves to sell and do sports travel. Here is what she has to say about it: “What I love about sports travel is getting to watch my favorite teams in a new place. From meeting the local people to trying some fan favorite food, a local sports stadium can give you such an insight into a city. Two of my favorite stadiums I have been to (besides our Wisconsin ones) are Camden Yards in Baltimore, and Ford Field in Detroit, two perfect examples of local teams embracing their cities personality.”

This weeks trivia question: What country exclusively supplies all the wine for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in the United States? 

If we have inspired you to either take a trip for sport, or if you just want to check out Rio, give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to request an appointment

Memorial Day

Today we would like to dedicate our blogpost to all the men and women who have sacrificed so we can have all that we do today. Our military is the reason we are afforded so many of the freedoms that we often take for granted, like travel. Today we honor you and say thank you for all the past, present and future soldiers who will give more to strangers than we do to our own families. Thank you from all of us at Ambassador Travel. 3af9315e681ef74dc248d55ac8eae34c

Individual Adventure

One key factor in traveling, especially alone, is safety. I love researching for this blog because I not only learn so much, but I get to share some of my favorite articles I find with our wonderful readers. As I was pinning, you should really be checking out our pinterest, I stumbled across an article titled, “10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers.” Now I am all about being a feminist and women can and should travel to any destination they want to all by themselves, but I also know I have travelled a lot of places alone and would love to hear about places that I would feel comfortable going alone. In this article they touch on various places around the globe, explaining why they are so safe for solo travelers, and honesty I think this could go either way, men or women. But another aspect of the article is it gives a little snippet about each place to get your excited about them. I am including this article below so make sure to check it out.

I got some input by travel consultant Connie who has river cruise alone multiple times:

“One of the most memorable and scenic trips I have ever done is a European

River Cruise. Being able to unpack once but ever changing destinations was

a great way to relax and cruise along the rivers in Europe. When we were

dock we were close to the cities featured on the trip best attractions.

With most tours included and VIP treatment on a lot of the tours you didn’t

feel like you were reaching in your pocket every time you wanted to see/do


As always the article I posted is just a few of the great places for safe travel around the globe. If you have questions about a specific destination or want to learn more about one of the ones posted above then give us a call at 920.236.7777 or request an appointment on our website




Now that Americans are officially allowed to travel to Cuba, the door to the mysterious world loved by so many including famed writer and drinker Ernest Hemingway, are now being opened. With this new world of opportunity brings out so much culture that generations of Americans have never had the opportunity of experiencing. Like I have said in many many posts before, culture often relies heavily on food and drink. Cuba is by no means any exception to that rule.

As I was scanning the internet for something to write about for our wonderful Thirsty Thursday post I came across an article about a man named Philip Greene who not only loved Hemingway, but wanted to scour his work in able to recreate all of his favorite drinks. One drink in particular was is his go-to while in his beloved Cuba. Now I wanted to go a step further and find out why Hemingway drank Daiquiris while in Cuba, so I did a little research. Apparently Daiquiri is the name of a beach and iron mine in Santiago, Cuba. It was invented during the Spanish-American war and centers around rum, citrus and sugar as well as other sweeteners.

Now for any of you that know anything about Ernest Hemingway, then you won’t be surprised that his Daiquiri is actually a double. Because if Hemingway was famous for his writing, then he was infamous for his drinking.


3 ¾ ounces white rum

2 ounces fresh lime juice

2 ounces fresh grapefruit juice

6 drops maraschino liqueur


Blend all ingredients well with ice, and serve in a large chilled goblet.

Now you know the drink to drink while in the newly opened land of beautiful beaches and drinks reminiscent of days past. If you are interested in learning more about Cuba please give us a call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to request an appointment with one of our excellent travel consultants.

Hawaiian Cruise


One of my favorite things to feature for our Where in the World Wednesday are the great groups we offer through Ambassador Travel. Not only does this get me excited about all the great places we go, but it is a great way for us to connect with our readers and clients. Here you can see our groups and check back to find all the fun and exciting trips that we love to host. One of these great vacations is our Hawaii 2016 cruise.

Join Ambassador Travel on a Hawaiian cruise, with our own Connie Ruedinger as host. Travel with Norwegian Cruise Line on the Pride of America, departing Honolulu with ports including: Kahului, Hilo, Kona, and Nawiliwili. The dates are May 21st – 28th 2016.

Please visit our website
for more information on pricing.

Also there are only a few cabins left, so give us a call today and this time next year you will be setting sail around some of the most beautiful islands Hawaii has to offer.

Trivia Tuesday


Last week we asked you in what country the thumbs up gesture was seen as offensive in?

If you’re answer is Iran then you would be correct!

Iran as well as Afghanistan and a few places throughout Italy and Greece also take the thumbs up sign as offensive. Unlike in the Western world where it can denote a good job or approval, in these countries it comes off as “sit on it.” And although the majority of us will not be heading to Iran or Afghanistan anytime soon, it is important when travelling to understand the customs and practices of the people and places that you are visiting. One key take away from the privilege that is travel is getting to immerse yourself in an entirely new world. You get to experience new foods, new cities and new people. Learning how these people interact and being aware of cultural differences is a great way to really have a fulfilling travel experience. One great resource we provide here at Ambassador Travel to our travelers are a resource guide known as Travel 42. In these documents you will find a do’s and don’t section, that will list practices like the thumbs up gesture that may not be kosher in that country. If you are interested in learning more about Travel 42, ask your consultant today!

This week’s Question: Where are the next (2016) Summer Olympics being held?

For more info about the practices and cultural differences throughout the world please check back, as we are always providing our readers with up to date travel information that is not only fun to read about, but useful to our worldly patrons.

For more information or to plan your next trip please call Ambassador Travel at 920.236.7777 or visit our website

Jet Boat Journey

I love when I send the staff here at Ambassador Travel a request to hear about their adventures while out of the office. They always surprise me by all the wonderful memories that they have made on all of their exciting adventures. Connie was no exception to this rule. Last Friday I got an email asking if I would be interested in hearing about her taking a high speed jet boat while in New Zealand. Now if you know Connie a lot of what she says is unexpected, but this was definitely not the memory that I thought she would share with me.

“While in Queenstown, New Zealand we did a nature hike, where our guide proceeded to point out different locations that were filmed for Lord of the Rings. We then took a jet boat ride through the riverways where they do 360 turns and you have a really great time. The company we used was shotover jet. I would definitely do it again in a heart beat.”

I loved hearing about Connie’s adventure so much that I made her pull up a video of this fun excursion. I will share the link below so you all will get just as excited as I did about it. I love hearing stories about the different things everyone does when on vacation. I have never been to New Zealand, but my first thought definitely would not have been to go on a high speed jet boat. After watching this video and hearing Connie talk about it though, sounds like something that will definitely be added to my bucket list.