Southern Charm

shutterstock_74285437.jpgAs the largest city in Kentucky, Louisville has couples opportunities to offer it’s visitors. Founded in 1778 by George Rogers Clark, the city is named for famed French King Louis XVI. Although there are endless options of things to do in the city, Louisville is mostly known for: the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the Louisville Slugger baseball bats.

So what can you do in this cool city that is known for bringing us some of the best things in the world? Well I am glad you asked! First you can make a visit to Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby takes place each year. If you are there in May for the big horse race you can sample a mint julep, which is the official drink of the derby. Over 120,000 are sold each year over the course of the two day event. Also make sure to check out the largest baseball bat outside the Louisville Slugger factory.

This city is also know for excellent bluegrass music, Bourbon and southern style food. Visit Louisville’s Bourbon Bistro, which offers over 130 varieties of Bourbon. If you don’t like your Bourbon straight and want to order a cocktail stick to Old Fashions or Manhattans. People from Louisville frown upon mixing Bourbon with Coke.

Looking to take the kids? Great! Louisville has a great zoo that is sure to entertain. Or take them to the Muhammed Ali Center. Even if you aren’t a fan of boxing this huge museum offers interactive exhibits as well as amazing presentations. And don’t worry even if you see a lot of people going in ahead of you, this place is huge and there is generally not much waiting!

Are you a lover of history and literature? Louisville plays several interesting roles in history. The historic old Louisville neighborhood is one of the largest Victorian neighborhoods in the United States. Take a stroll by these gorgeous homes. Are there an F. Scott Fitzgerald lovers out there? As a young lieutenant F.Scott was stationed near Louisville providing inspiration for many settings of the Great Gatsby.

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Today we are journeying to Greece to learn about another regional drink that attracts locals and tourists alike. Known as Mastika or Matiha this Greek liqueur is seasoned with mastic, the resin gathered from the mastic tree. This tree is a type of pine tree native to the country.

There are two different drinks known under the name mastiha. The first Mastiha Chiou is a brandy based liquor native to the Chios island. The second Tsikodia, which is similar to Ouzo. The latter is typically served with desserts made with almonds at Greek weddings. It is a digestiv and is said to smell sweet and taste like liquoirice. So like many drinks we talk about on here it is similar to other anise flavored liquers.

Mastika is popular also in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. The process of making Mastika begins with an alcohol base made from fermented grapes. It is then double distilled and filtered through the root of the mastic tree. After the distillation process it is then flavored with the resin of the mastic tree to give the liquer it’s pine like and very distinct flavor. It is generally served cold or at room temperature. Mostly poured over ice and drank straight.

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Where in the World


Like many Wednesday I am going to highlight a great location for you, but I am adding a new spin by providing you with an article and video (because you all know how much we love videos) on traveling Cuba off the beaten path. Cuba is a hot location right now for travelers because of it’s mysterious air surrounding it. Locked away from the world for over 50 years this beautiful Caribbean island is now bursting with travelers from the U.S. Check out the video in the article below to see some of the away from the tourist locations you can visit today!

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Quechua Language

South-America-1.jpgWelcome back trivia lovers! Last week I asked you, “In which South American country is the Quechua language spoken?” If you guessed the Peruvian Andes then you would be correct. Let’s learn a little bit about this language and why South America is such a great location for travel right now.

Quechua or runa simi (meaning the people’s language) is an American Indian language. It is still spoken by over 8 million people today. Most of which reside in Peru, but other countries that encompass the Andean region also include Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia and Argentina. It was the language of the Inca Empire, which was destroyed in the 16th century by Spanish Colonists.

Many native languages are still spoken throughout South America as well as Spanish and Portuguese. But why is South America such a cool location for travelers, especially right now? Well I am glad you are interested, because if you are looking for your next must visit locations, South American countries are it. First off South America, across the board, is affordable right now. If you have ever travelled to Europe then you know that travel prices there can be quite high, especially during the peak seasons. The dollar is very strong in South America so you are going to get a good bang for your buck. Another great component is that our winter in North America is there summer. So if you are looking for a winter break vacation, you will have amazing weather in South America. And although the dollar is strong in S. America they rely heavily on tourism as part of each countries economy so they put a lot of effort into their tourism industry. You can find amazing hotels and resorts, excursions as well as traveling around is easy. Plus this area of the world is very safe. I know we as travel professionals are always being asked about some of the safest places to travel right now and South America is always at the top of that list. Basic precautions you would use when traveling anywhere are all you need for a South American getaway. And finally there is no significant time change for anyone coming from the United States. If you have ever flown to Europe you know how exhausting that 7-9 hour time change can be depending on where you are fly from and to. Because we are located North to South with South America you may get on a 6-8 hr flight, but when you get there the time could be the same. Which, for anyone who travels to Europe or anywhere west you know that jet lag can really cramp your travel style.

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Fall into Fall

Good afternoon and happy Monday! You have almost made it through the start of the week, go you! Today I am here to appeal to all you lovers of Autumn. That’s right if you love changing colors, crisp air and curling up with a wool blanket then this travel opportunity is for you. I am bringing you a video to show off Mayflower’s Fall Foliage Itinerary options. There are many to choose from in a variety of locations including Mackinaw Island, New England and Cape Cod. Fall is an excellent time to travel because you get great weather, not too hot, not too cold (just how Goldie Locks liked it). Check out this video below and tell me you wouldn’t get some of the best Instagram photos of your life on these tours!


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Serbian Slivovitz

191331-slivovitz-main.jpgHello everyone and welcome to our Thirsty Thursday blog. Today we are taking you on a journey throughout central and easter Europe to learn about a plum brandy known as Slivovitz. Let’s get started!

Slivovitzs is a fruit brandy made from damson plums. It is produced throughout central and eastern Europe in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria. The word Slivovitz comes from the Slavic word for plum, which is fitting becuase like I said above it is made using damson plums. It is produced both commercially and in homemade versions. And it’s origins are rooted in countries that were formally part of Yugoslavia.

Although you can find this drink widely throughout central and eastern Europe we are going to focus on it’s Serbian form today. Slivovitz or Slivovica, as it is known in Serbia, is the country’s national drink. And quite fittingly plums are the national fruit of Serbia so it makes sense. Production and consumption of Slivovitz is part of age old tradtions throughout the country. Meals in Serbia generally begin and end with a plum product. Slivovitz is an apertif so often times the drink will be served at the start of a meal. The plum brandy is also used at celebrations of rites of passages. You will defintely find it at births, baptisms, marriages and even funerals. Aside from it’s tradition in cultural events, Slivovitz can also be found in a variety of folk remedies dating back hundreds of years. Serbia is the largest experoter of Slivovitz in the world and the second largest exporter of plums. Slivovica is generally drank driectly from the leather wrapped bottle or served in a chilled shot glass.

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Let There be Greece on Earth

Another day, another drone video, I just can’t get enough! If Greece has been on your must travel list this is only going to push you closer to visiting this dreamy destination. Let the majestic blues and crisp whites make you fall in love with the Greek Island of Santorini. Trust me, 2 1/2 minutes of your life has never been spent in a better way, check out the video below.


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To Caribbean or Not to Caribbean

Last week I asked, “which of these is not located in the caribbean: Bequia, Saba, Parrot Cay or Boracay?” If you chose Boracay then you would be correct! Let’s learn a little bit about these locations and where Boracay is actually located.


Let’s start at the beginning of the list with Bequia. This is the second largest island in the Grenadines, which is part of Grenada. This 7 square mile island may be small in size, but is extremely popular with tourists who scuba dive and yacht. Next on the list is Saba. This island is a bit larger at 13 square miles and is the smallest municipality of the Netherlands. Other municipalities of the Netherlands include Aruba and Saint Marten. This small island its known for it’s potentially active volcanos as well as the lush greenery. It is called the “unspoiled queen” of the Caribbean and tourists flock here for scuba diving as well as ecotourism.

Next on the list is Parrot Cay. This is a private resort island that is park of Turks and Caicos. It is owned by the COMO Hotels and Resorts company. Parrot Cay was originally named Pirate Cay because legendary female pirate Anne Bonny was said to have camped out here in the 1720s. The name was later switched to Parrot Cay as to not frighten tourists.

So now to our answer, where is Boracay? This small island is actually located in the Philippines. And again, it may be small, but it has a huge stake in the world. Boracay has received several award for their beautiful beaches. It has been given the title of one of the top destinations in the world for relaxation. And in 2012 Travel and Leisure named it best island in the world. So, it may not be in the Caribbean, but it has a lot to offer it’s visitors.

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This week’s trivia question: “Where is the Quechua language spoken?” 

Making Memories Monday

Good afternoon loyal readers! One of my favorite things to write about on our blogs is testimonials. Hearing from our clients is such a great way for us to learn about places they travel and find out how we are doing as travel professionals and as an agency. Today we are bringing you a great memory from clients who recently returned from their Disney Honeymoon. Check out the photo and description below!

“The honeymoon in Disney was amazing!! We had such an amazing time, and we didn’t want to come home! We did so many things while we were there it is hard to say what was the best. We loved Fantasmic, Cirque du Soleil, character breakfasts, Magic Kingdom fireworks, and the carriage ride through our resort. 
Thank you so much for helping us finalize everything for the trip and being there along the way to help us with our questions!” -Chelseaimage010.png
Travel Planner Shauna had the pleasure of working with Chelsea and her husband on creating their picture perfect honeymoon and we are so happy they shared these memories with us!
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