Thirsty Thursday: Jenever


Welcome to Thirsty Thursday today we are taking a trip across the pond to Europe to learn about a beverage known as Jenever. Jenever translated means Dutch Gin in English. It is a very popular liquor in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. As far as I can tell the Dutch part does not mean it comes from there, but makes it a specific type of gin because it is described as tasting more like vodka.

The European Union states that it can only be called Jenever if it is made in 2 northern French Departments (also known as regions or states) and in 2 German Federal States. The drink itself is produced by distilling malt wine with added herbs such as the juniper berry. In Dutch the word juniper is translated to jeneverbes hence Jenever as the name.

Like many alcohols it’s history is a little confusing and disputed, but lets learn about it shall we. Jenever is attributed to being invented by Dutch Chemist Franciscus Sylvius de Bouve. And it was first sold by him as medicine in the 16th century. One problem with this theory is that Bouve was not born until the 17th century, so him inventing it in the 16th is pretty much impossible. There are also records showing that in 1606 it stopped being considered a medicine and that pretty much completely discredits Bouve. The National Jenevermuseum in Belgim claims it was created in Flanders in the 13th century by Professor Eric Van Schoonenberghe. There wasn’t much proof or history behind that, but it would make more sense for it to be invented at this time.

There are two types of Jenever: Old and New. This doesn’t have anything to do with it’s actual age, but instead the distilling process. New style contains more grain than malt. According to guidelines new style cannot contain more than 15% malt wine and no more than 10 grams of sugar per liter. Old style must have at least 15% malt wine and no more than 20 grams sugar per liter.

The liquor is served generally in a tulip shaped glass, poured to the brim at room temperature. It is often consumed as well in a frosted shot glass.

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Destination Wedding Wednesday

6e30370e-60e0-4006-8794-19dd3e56be4a~rs_768.h.jpegHello and welcome to our last installment of Wedding Wednesdays. Because June is such a popular time for weddings (the most popular of all the months actually) we wanted to bring you some great options for honeymoon and destination weddings as well as show you why using a Travel Agent for the planning of your big day or getaway for two takes away a big portion of your wedding year stress. One last article I want to share with you is from the, which if you are newly engaged you definitely have been on this website. They are truly the Mecca of all things bride. I found an article on why you should have a destination wedding. And we couldn’t agree more!


Now the article really speaks for itself, but I wanted to comment on reason #6 “They’re a Once in a Lifetime Reunion Opportunity.” In this section the explanation talks about the fact that for a destination wedding you usually arrive a few days before the ceremony. To have that extra time with your guests is something any bride who did a large wedding at home would cherish in a heartbeat. I remember at my wedding I spent so much time walking around and taking to guests I barely got to enjoy the day. If you have time before the ceremony to hang out with everyone who came to celebrate with you, you too can enjoy your wedding day!

These ease of planning a destination wedding is brought to you buy a team of people starting with Travel Planners who are there to help you make the perfect vacation/wedding of your dreams.

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Welcome to New York

Living in an age of technology has helped us in so many ways, one way specifically for the travel industry is through amazing videos and photos that people can access from all over the world. If you read our blog frequently then you know my love for drone videos. Having an aerial view of a city displays a beauty like no other. Think you know all that New York has to offer? This video may make you see the city that never sleeps in a different and more exciting and expansive way!

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U.S. Open

US_OPEN_01.jpgA few days ago we wrote about options for working with us when traveling to sports related events. With the U.S. tennis Open at the end of August, now is a great time to start planning your vacation to New York. A setting like NYC is perfect for mixing sports travel and a vacation. You can enjoy the Open and spend extra days in the city taking in all New York has to offer. Let’s learn a little bit more about the U.S. open and how it came to be in Queens.

The U.S. Open this year is being held from August 29th through September 11th. It is a hardcourt tournament held today in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York. It is the modern version of the oldest tennis championship in the world–the U.S. National Championship. Since 1987 it is the 4th and final major comprising the Grand Slam each year. The year starts with the Australian open, French open is second followed by Wimbledon and the U.S. open wraps it up in August.

Originally held August 1881 on grass court at Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island, it moved to the west side tennis club in Forest Hills, New York in 1915. With a brief stinting in Philadelphia it moved to Flushing Meadows, Queens in 1978. The last 3 years at West Side were held on clay, so the move to Flushing Meadows brought about the hardcourt days.

Last year over 700,000 people attended the 2 week tournament. Tickets are available in many combinations including day to day, with the most coveted being the mens final on the last day. It is a great time for tennis and sports lovers alike. Seeing tennis at this level will inspire even the least advanced of us to pick up a racquet.

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Adventures By Disney

600-adventures-by-disney4.jpgNo matter where you are in the world everyone has heard of Disney. Maybe for their enchanting theme parks or their lively family cruises, but what about for their world renowned family tours? f you are looking for a vacation like no one other then Adventures by Disney is for you. With tours all over the world, Adventures by Disney gives you Disney quality without the theme park experience. Lets learn a little more about this Disney option that you may not have ever explored.

Adventures by Disney are group sided family vacations that are looked after by 2 adventure guides. The groups consist of no more than 44 people and travel both within the United States and abroad. Your adventure guide play many roles including part concierge and part guide and story teller. Currently Adventures by Disney offers 25 destinations in Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Central and South America. With a recent addition of river cruising as well as long weekend itineraries in New York City, Nashville, Wyoming and San Francisco.

If you are looking to keep the magic in your Adventures by Disney tour I would suggest the Germany trip. With this itinerary you will spend several nights in an 11th century castle, and bike around picturesque German towns. You will have the opportunity to visit the museum where the first teddy bear was created and spend the day at Neuschwanstein Castle. This gorgeous Bavarian palace was the model for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty castle. And don’t forget about pretzel making. Learn to make this German speciality at the oldest bakery in Rothenburg.

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It’s Thirsty Thursday everyone! And today we are traveling to Hungary! I was in Hungary earlier this year and let me just say, this is a top knotch travel destination. I only got to spend one day in Budapest, but the city and country is absolutely beautiful vizesember.jpgwith so much to do and eat. Today’s drink feature is known as Unicum, let’s learn a little more about this hungarian treat.

Unicum is a hungarian liqueur that is served as both a digestiv and apertif. The main producer of the beverage is the Zwack company. Their secret recipe is made up of 40 herbs and is aged in old casks. The intersting history of Unicom dates back to Hungary’s communist era. During this time the Zwack family was exiled to the United States. Before they left Janos Zwack entrusted a friend with the secret recipe so that production could continue. After the fall of the iron curtain Peter Zwack returned to Hungary and resumed production, which is still continueing today.

Unicum is one of the national drinks of Hungary. You can take tours and do a tasting at the Zwick production faciliites in Hungary. Unfortuately that is the only way you will be able to try the drink. Original Unicum is not distributed in the United States anymore. You can however still find Unicum Next, which is a sweeter, tammer, citrus flavored version made specifically for U.S. consumption.

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Sandals Weddingmoons

FreeW_HM-Header.jpgHappy Wedding Wednesday everyone! This is our 4th installment of the most lovely day of the week and today we are highlighting all that Sandals Resorts has to offer for brides and grooms looking to do a destination wedding. There is nothing more luxurious than Sandals and with all their great options you can have the ease of a destination wedding, with the customization of a hometown wedding. Let’s learn more about it.

First of all Sandals has a variety of locations for you to choose from on the islands of Sandals_MS_3580-2.jpgJamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, the Bahamas, Antigua and Grenada. Take a minute to think about the clear blue ocean as the backdrop to the happiest day of your life. If a tropical location is what you are looking for then there is no competing with these island getaways.   Who needs the hectic stress of wedding planning, when you can let someone else worry about all the details and you can start wedded bliss long before the ceremony!

Sandals is known for their stress free weddings with personal touches. Because you will be staying at a luxury all inclusive resort you will get all the perks of the all inclusive, but much much more. When booking your trip with Sandals you will receive a pre-travel wedding planner as well as resort team for day of events. Locations, locations, location! I can tell you as someone who had to plan a wedding not too long ago, location is one of the biggest stressors of the wedding year. Where you have the wedding sets the theme and couple-destination-wedding-sandals1.jpgtone of the whole event. What if you could have your wedding in one of the most beautiful locations on earth? With Sandals resorts you can! Along with great location and the help of a wedding planner Sandals also prepares your marriage documents, and will also supply you with a witness if you and the groom are looking for the most intimate of ceremonies. For the day of you will receive pre-recorded music, a 30 minute sparkling wine and hors d’oeuvres for the bride, groom and up to 6 guests, wedding gift, wedding website and registry, a 30 minute foot massage for the groom (I’m assuming so he doesn’t get cold feet), a manicure for the bride as well as your food, a mimosa breakfast and a 5×7 photo of the big day.

Now, what is listed above comes standard for Sandals WeddingMoons, but there is more. You can also choose from customizing or picking a pre-designed theme for the big day. Sandal’s WeddingMoon program allows couples to create a signature drink through the wedding package that they selected. They allow the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. to customize bride-and-groom-sandals-weddingmoons.jpgthis drink with local flavors, colors coordinating to the color scheme of the nuptials and so much more. Along with the signature drink you can choose a color pallet, cake, and much more. Sandals also equips all their brides with a customized planning guide to ease you through this process.

Now I don’t know about you, but having someone present you with options and choose the ones you like sounds like a great way to add your personality, without having to stress about the details. Planning a non destination wedding doesn’t come with a planning guide, which can lead to a lot of stress. Sandals removes the negative components of an engagement year and allows for the bride and groom to focus on what is truly important–their love.

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Travel Trivia Tuesday

lead_960.jpg“What is the average time it takes a person to get through security?” Although it may be surprising on average it only takes a person 20-25 minutes to get through those dreaded lines. Even if it seems like an eternity while we are there. But how can we make those wait times even shorter, or at least know what we are walking into?

Well like everything in our world today, there’s an app for that! Yes, even TSA has made an app for your living and traveling convenience. So what does it do and how does it work? Download the app from your app store or visit Once there you are able to put in and choose your airport. Once in you can see if your terminal is accepting TSA Pre-Check, what the wait times currently are and it breaks it all down by terminal. Which by the way, I find amazing and so convenient. I did the search right before writing this for Chicago’s O’Hare airport. It is a Friday at 11 am that I am writing this and the wait times were between 0-31 minutes. Which totally shows that the average wait times being 20-25 minutes seem pretty accurate.

So before you travel next, I suggest downloading the app so you know when the best times to check in and go through security are. I always say I would rather be at the airport a few hours before my flight so I can leisurely go through security grab some food or a drink and really make my vacation begin the second I am at the airport. Also with new options from TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry getting through the airport can be a lot less stressful. To find out more about these new options please feel free to give us a call or follow the link below to send us an email through our website!

This week’s travel trivia question, “Which of these four items is not allowed through security? a live lobster, salsa or your pet pig?” 

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Awaken Disney

Now that it is officially summer it is time to think about your summer travel plans! Walt Disney World is celebrating 2016 with their Awaken Disney campaign featuring new and exciting day and night time attractions for all types of travelers. Summer flies by faster than we know it, don’t let those leaves fall off the trees without spending some quality time with the family in the most magical place on earth!

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Cancun Mother-Daughter Trip

One of the best parts of working in the travel industry is hearing about the great vacation memories our clients make. We have a testimonial page on our website as well as a location to submit yours if you have traveled with us in the past! Please feel free to check it out and let us know about your experience. Travel Planner Shauna recently received an email from a client who does a yearly girls trip with her mom, they went to Cancun and had a blast. I figured such a great review should be shared right here on the blog!


“My Mom and I had a fantastic time in Cancun.  You (Shauna) worked your magic and made our annual Mother-Daughter trip one to remember. Our hotel, Secrets the Vine was beautiful. The staff was hospitable, with a great attention to detail.  The entertainment was spot on.  There was a nice outdoor mall right up the street where we shopped twice. We even enjoyed a drink while watching Mexico’s soccer team win in a championship game surrounded by a fun crowd. My mom took her first Tequila shot which is a fun memory.” -Helen and Angela

What a great idea, taking an annual mother-daughter trip! And it sounds like these two know how to do it! Interested in learning more about making a mother-daughter trip part of your yearly travel? Give us a call at Ambassador Travel today!

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