top_golf_thumb_440x293Here I often write about family trips, romantic getaways and girls weekends, but what about the guys. Recently we sent a client to Dallas for a bachelor party and he has some pretty fantastic reviews and cool things for guys to do in the city. Not only did he love the city, but he did some very fun totally bachelor approved activities (not those activities). Here is what Danny had to say:

“One of my favorite things we did on my recent trip to Dallas was going to Top Golf Dallas. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or if you have never played before they make sure you have a good time. Not to mention they have a full menu and lots of beer. Another local place we went to was the Kung Fu Bar. This place will bring out your inner child with it’s arcade games such as Super Mario and Skee Ball tables.”

o2Dallas sounds like a great city and an even better place for a bachelor party. Golf and a bar filled with video and arcade games, seems officially guy approved to me. I always like when people do fun out of the ordinary activities on their trips. And although we can bring a lot to our clients when it comes to wisdom on locations, often times their ideas really spark new things for us as well. If you would like to learn more things to do during a bachelor party make sure to check out my beer cocktails blog from a couple weeks back.
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Let Them Stay At Versailles

When King Louis XIV of France envisioned his opulence his dream became Versailles. Although tragedy came to all who lived in the the ornate baroque mansion this beautiful home is a world renowned tourist location, historical treasure and picturesque backdrop for instagram worthy pics. Versailles was built 10 miles from Paris as an escape from the city for the Royals. Today people travel by train, bike and bus to get to the home of Marie Antoinette and of course rehearsal dinner venue for Kim and Kanye West.

VERSAILLES, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 18:  Illustration view of the 'Galerie des Glaces' in Versailles Castel whyle Pasteur-Weizmann Gala at Chateau de Versailles on November 18, 2013 in Versailles, France.  (Photo by Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images)

But what if it could all be just a bit closer. Don’t spend your next French vacation staying like the peasants do in Paris, stay at Versaille. How you ask, well a bid has been put in to turn one one of Versailles’s many buildings into a hotel. Three buildings that stand just outside the palace’s gates will be transformed into a high end hotel for guests wanting to live like Louis. Although there are no dedicated start/end dates the luxury accommodations will be named Hotel du Grand Controle. Here guests will be able to view Versaille from their accommodations and receive the all around royal treatment, minus the whole guillotine thing (sorry Marie).

For any of you history buffs out there this is a dream. I think staying there would be a way to really take in Versailles, but you definitely cannot make a week trip out of this. Maybe a night or two to really drink it all in. Then head back to Paris and the real world. Until then, give us a call to help schedule your next trip to the famed home. Ambassador Travel 920.236.7777

I’m Getting Drunk on a Plane (Or Am I?)

I keep seeing articles asking and claiming that drinking on a plane can make you more drunk than if you were on land. At first I bought into the idea that 1 drink in the air is equal to 3 drinks on the ground, but then I started digging. It turns out that your blood alcohol level is in no way affected by the altitude. The only difference it does make is that you may feel the affects of the alcohol more because of the way your body process oxygen in a pressurized cabin. This fun little fact was even tested out on Myth Busters and they ended up providing me with sufficient proof that you do not get “more” drunk on an airplane.

Another very reasonable explanation for why plane travel can lead to being/feeling more drunk is because we often drink more in a shorter amount of time than we would on the ground. Damn those adorable little mini bottles. Plus I don’t know if you’re like me, but I always fall victim to the “deals” on drinks that they offer. I once got 3 mini tanqueray gin bottles because it was 1 for $8 or 3 for $21. Marketing really works on the weak (me). And finally the only other reason I can provide is this blog. I am always posting about what you should bring on your flight to start your vacation before you leave the tarmac. So I am probably partially to blame for this commonly accepted myth.

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Where in the World Series: Norway & Cuba

Here at Ambassador Travel we often love destinations so much we want to promote the entire country. Instead of just giving you a brief overview of an entire country I have decided that I will be implementing a series of series for our newest destinations that we are looking to promote. If you are an avid reader (which you should be). Then you know a few weeks ago we featured Cuba as a destination. I took most of my information from a learning resource provided by Apple vacations so it was very tailored to their specific itineraries. I would like to spend some time getting you all more information about Cuba as a country and a great destination, not just about all the rules and regulations. Another big locale that we want to explore is Norway. So in the next few weeks I am going to do a series on both of these locations picking some of the hottest (and maybe not so hot in Norway’s case) cities that we want you to be aware of.

Please feel free to provide me feedback as this is a new adventure for me. I love to hear about what you all thought, and if you haven’t checked out the blog on Cuba, make sure to do so before you start this multi part blog that I will be writing starting next Wednesday.

Trivia Tuesday

Last week I asked what the longest (hours/distance) flight is. Now before I get into this, if you hate flying then you are going to probably need to stop reading. This agonizing 8,580 mile journey that goes from Dubai to Panama City takes 17 hrs and 35 minutes from West to East. Now let me just say as a slightly nervous flyer this makes me sweat a little bit. This flight begins February 1, 2016 and beats out the Qantas flight from Sydney to Dallas that comes in just under 17 hours. Leave it to Emirates and Dubai to go above and beyond the competition. This is a daily flight that will leave Dubai locally at 8:05 am and arrive in Panama City at 10:10pm. It’s return will be Panama City local tie 4:40pm arriving in Dubai at 11:55pm. Using the 256 passenger Boeing 777 this is the first destination in South America from Dubai. They are looking to be able to transport pharmaceuticals, electronics and much more from the wealthy and culture rich middle eastern city to their first south american destination.

Again, I know I already started my rant above, but OVER 17 freaking hours. I cannot image how that is even possible. I dread flights to Europe that are 8, heck I dread flights to Vegas that are under 3. This sounds outrageous. On a side note Emirates is a very high end airline that offers amazing first class amenities. But the thing that throws me off is usually if you have a sleeper seat you can drift off and wake up in your destination ready to go. Not for 17 hours you can’t! You would literally have to figure out a whole day’s worth of activities that you can do on the plane.

This week’s trivia: “Which U.S. lake has the coldest water”

Fall into a Vacation


Fall is a very busy time for us here in the travel world. Once the first leaves begin to change, everyone remembers all that horrible white stuff is about to follow. Exchange the cold for a week in paradise at the highly recommended Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Here you can enjoy top notch accommodations with so much more as an added bonus. See how Mike felt about his last trip:

grand-velas-riviera-maya-mexico-video-top“My last trip to mexico was unbelieveable. I stayed at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya. The property was beautiful, the food was outstanding, but nothing was better than the impeccable service. They went as far as to serve us beverages in the ocea. I had a massage on the beach, my room was outstanding both with the views and the amenities. This is a very upscale property for families, couples, destination weddings, honeymoons and fun friend getaways.” -Mike

2406344_230_zAlthough I have never been, this properties comes highly recommended. Mike has been to Mexico countless times and if he is boasting about this place, we know it’s great. I love a location that can be such a good fit for so many different types of travelers. Check out some of these images and see how beautiful Grand Velas is for yourself.

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Destination: Wedding

Planning a wedding is a super exciting time in the happy couple’s lives. Although the focus should be on the marriage that is about to take place, often stress about the big day overshadows all the excitement. Don’t let this happen to you, let us and this helpful video calm the nerves and send your stress (and you) away packing. With a destination wedding generally you are working with a smaller guest list and you are probably a fun loving, easy going bride-to-be. Check out the video below to hear a list of tips on how to make a destination wedding as stress free as possible. One of the best parts is that we are here to help with a large majority on the list. Here at Ambassador Travel we are here to make your life (and wedding) a wonderful experience. We take all the fuss out of the most wonderful day of your life.


Adventures in Pairings


Often times going on vacation means we get to experience different things that we don’t normally at home. A lot of times in my blog I like to talk about getting to bring vacation home with you not only to make it last longer, but to be able to use all these great experiences that you’ve had over and over again for the rest of your life. With that being said one of my absolute favorite vacation memories is getting to do a wine and food pairings dinner in Italy. I love learning about which sorts of wines go with with sorts of cheese and meat combinations. With that being said I have rarely ever used this information at home, aside from drinking red wine with red sauces and red meats and white wine with seafood and chicken I don’t take the time to carefully select my wines to go with my foods.

Taking it one step further I decided to search out the best wine pairings to go with foods we eat in our regular lives. I tried trout brain, snails and tangerine infused risotto in Italy, some of the best foods I have ever eaten, but not anything I make at home. Attached you will find a list of 10 fun foods to pair with wines. This lists includes chips, burgers and tv dinners, much more realistic than trout brain.

Do you have wine that you love to pair with odd ball foods? Let us know I love to hear from our readers! Now I apologize I have to dive head first into  this bowl of potatoe chips and my favorite French Champagne.

City of Gold(en Gate Bridge)

San Francisco, CA, USA
Are you looking for your next great vacation, but aren’t sure where to begin? Want to take a romantic weekend for two, a girls weekend, or a fun yet culturally rich family vacation? Look no further because I have the destination for you. San Francisco is one of the hottest travel destinations of the moment. It is a foodie paradise, full of fine cuisine, cultural flares as well as the freshest seafood you could ask for. San Francisco has a rich history that has made it the cultural hub that it is today. Plus the great weather and beautiful location really just add to its overall greatness.

Looking to do something touristy? Hike across Golden Gate Bridge, take a ride on a cable car or visit the twistiest street in the U.S., Lombard. Maybe you just want to relax in Golden Gate park and enjoy a picnic. If museums are your thing, then this is your city. With it’s vast culture you can find a museum to fit any interest. Check out the Asian Art museum, Cable car museum or the San Francisco Art Institute for an exciting day of learning.

As we know cities form their identities from great people and movements in the past. San Francisco’s legendary architecture comes from the rebuilding after the famous San Fran Fire.  Other influencers include Jack Kerouac who made the city his home in the mid 1900s. Here he established a congregation of poets and writers who in turn started the “hippie” movement which brought vast amounts of art and culture to the city that is still present today.

Other interesting facts about the Bay city include blue jeans, beatles, and fortune cookies. Levi Strauss invented blue jeans in San Fran for miners during the gold rush who needed durable pants for work. The Beatles performed their last show in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. And it is rumored that the first fortune cookies in the United States were served in the Japanese Tea Gardens here.

Overall San Francisco is a hub for great food, great art and great local culture. You will not be disappointed no matter what you are looking for in a vacation. For more information please feel free to call 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

Trivia Tuesday

Last week’s trivia question asked you to guess which hotel hosted the most expensive room in the world. If you guessed the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva Switzerland you would be right on the money. Speaking of money, this luxurious high end escape will cost you $83,200 per night. With a price tag like this you are bound to get the best of the best from what this hotel has to offer. Named after U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, this beautiful hotel is located in the United Nations Building right on Lake Geneva. The Royal Penthouse Suite offers 12 bedrooms as well as 12 marble clad bathrooms. With high end celebrities like Bill Gates and Michael Douglas these accommodations must provide a service as well. If you have the extra funds and can afford this swanky abode you will also receive a butler, chef as well as personal assistant for the duration of your stay. Aside from all the perks, the panoramic views are amazing. Some may say million dollar views, so in reality you’re getting a huge bargain.

Royal-Penthouse-Suite-at-the-President-Wilson-Hotel-GenevaJust for fun I checked what one of their normal rooms would cost, incase anyone was actually interested in travelling to Switzerland and they are quite reasonable for the expensive country. I only checked a couple of months out but the price is around $400 a night. So if you would like to experience some of the decadence it’s not completely out of reach.

This week’s trivia: “What is the longest continuous flight” 
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