Champagne Fun Facts


Let’s start this post with my favorite champagne quote, “Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat one needs it.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

Ok lets dive into the facts.

  1. Champagne was created on accident by a monk in the 17th century named Dom Pierre Perignon. You can still buy this brand of champagne today and it is seen as some of the best in the world.
  2. Champagne is the same as sparkling wine, but to be called champagne the grapes must be grown in the champagne region of France. Although many other countries give champagne a run for it’s money in terms of taste and quality because of this rule, they are often much cheaper.
  3. Champagne has been known to help prevent memory loss (at least long term, because if you have ever drank too much, then you know short term memory loss can ensue)
  4. Marilyn Monroe once took a bath in champagne and it is reported that it took around 350 bottles.
  5. If you are a tennis fan, then you will enjoy the fact that over 28,000 bottles are served each year at Wimbledon
  6. Afraid of spiders? You are more likely to be killed by a flying champagne cork than by a poisonous spider.
  7. Have you always wanted to build one of those iconic champagne towers? Here is how many glasses you’ll need: Base level–60, 1st level–30, 2nd level–10, 3rd level–4, top with 1 glass.
  8. Vintage champagne has nothing to do with the age of the bottle. Vintage just means that all the grapes used to make that particular bottle came from the same year.


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Craft-Beer1.jpeg“In what language does Cerveza mean beer?” If you guessed Spanish then you would be correct! Many of your probably already knew this because a lot of your have traveled to Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries while on vacation. I thought it would be fun to go along with this blog post to find out the Top 5 best selling beers in Mexico. Honestly this list surprised me, so lets see what’s on it.

  1. Bohemia: This light beer is unlike many other light beers served in Mexico and throughout the world because it is a full flavored light beer. Not a water that has a beerish aftertaste. This is great for any real beer lover looking to enjoy a light ale that will still pack a punch
  2. Negra Modelo: This is the best selling dark beer in Mexico. It is a German style dark that is still light in flavor with excellent bitter chocolate notes.
  3. Dos Equis: This Amber ale is one of the Dos Equis variety that is available year round. It is a vienna style lager similar to Sam Adams Boston Lager or Newcastle Brown Ale.
  4. Corona Familia: Unlike what we think of when we think of Corona, the Familia is a Amber ale from the Corona family. More flavor than Corona extra due to it’s dark bottle and less likelihood of becoming skunky.
  5. Victoria: Another Amber ale that is full bodied and from the Vienna style of lager.

It was quite surprising to me how many Amber ales were on this list. Not just because I love anything that has my name in it, but just because when I think of drinking beer in Mexico it definitely doesn’t make me think of a heavy brown lager. But that is why we have this great blog, to inform the masses!

Want to try these best selling Mexican favorites right in Mexico? Time to book a trip with us here at Ambassador Travel!

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Why Travel Insurance?

If you’ve worked with us or any travel agent before you will know that we not only offer, but suggest you take any type of travel insurance. We don’t do this for our own sake, but for the instance that something comes up. And sure we all think, oh nothing will happen, until it does. So check out this great article about why Travel Insurance is such a great idea.


Common Consumer Objections

• Why should I buy travel insurance?

Answer: If an illness, accident, or sudden change in plans forces you to cancel or interrupt travel plans, you face two major financial losses: (1) money you’ve invested in nonrefundable prepayments and (2) medical expenses that aren’t covered by your health insurance. That’s why more and more travelers are turning to travel insurance to protect their travel investment.

• Why is travel insurance so expensive?

Answer: The cost of travel insurance is based on the value of your trip. The more you have invested in your trip, the more you need to protect it. Travel insurance covers you for losses caused by trip cancellation and interruption, medical expenses, baggage loss, and trip and baggage delay. When you consider all the protection you get, travel insurance is actually a great value.

• Why does your policy work on a reimbursement basis?

Answer: As with any type of insurance, there are provisions that must be met before a claim can be paid. Receipts for expenses provide proof of loss and help expedite the claim payment. In the event of stolen items, a police report must be submitted.

• Why do you offer the pre-existing condition waiver only within a certain number of days from the initial trip deposit date?

Answer: Waiving the exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions is a valuable benefit to the consumer. If, for example, a traveler is asthmatic and has to cancel a trip because of the condition, he or she will be reimbursed for nonrefundable travel expenses. We offer this as an extra benefit to travelers. This gives them some time to determine whether or not to purchase our travel insurance policy.

• When I’m traveling outside the United States and renting a car, will your collision damage waiver (CDW) policy be accepted by the car rental company?

Answer: The collision damage waiver is a cost-effective alternative to expensive insurance offered by rental car companies. In addition, the coverage is primary — that means you only need to file a claim with one company to get reimbursement for covered losses.

While most car rental companies accept the CDW policy, a few won’t. You may want to check with the rental agency prior to purchasing the coverage.

• How long does it take to process a claim?

Answer: Typically, insurance companies work to process a claim between seven and 10 business days from receipt provided all supporting documentation is included. This can vary based on the insurance provider and the type of claim being filed.

• Why do you not offer a policy for just medical coverage?

Answer: Insurance protects your total travel investment (comprehensive coverage protects that investment for a number of potential situations, not just medical).

• I don’t need many of these coverages; I am just interested in trip cancellation.

Answer: Our policy is designed to cover you from the moment you make a deposit until the moment you return home. We provide protection for unforeseen events that actually happen to travelers. (If your office offers a wide variety of policies you may be able to select a policy that best meets their needs. Some companies offer several tiers of coverage.)

• Why are these programs more expensive than the one that is offered by my tour operator, and what are the differences between the programs?

Answer: Tour operators typically offer a cancellation protection waiver, which is much different than travel insurance. A protection waiver really doesn’t qualify as insurance. Instead, the cruise line or tour operator agrees to waive its own cancellation penalties if the client has to cancel his or her trip for a covered reason. These waivers may not cover cancellations within 24 to 72 hours of departure, and most don’t offer trip interruption benefits—if you have to return home during a cruise or vacation, you may not be covered. You also have no coverage if the tour operator or cruise line goes into bankruptcy or financial default.

A more comprehensive travel insurance policy offers coverage for a wide range of accidents or incidents that may force you to cancel a trip. Some insurance companies provide coverage for any “unforeseen incident” that is not specifically excluded in the policy. This is also known as “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance. Some policies you can offer provide extra care for the insured, such as concierge services meeting the needs of the high-end consumer. There are also policies available for travelers participating in higher-risk activities.

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Welcome to New York

Living in an age of technology has helped us in so many ways, one way specifically for the travel industry is through amazing videos and photos that people can access from all over the world. If you read our blog frequently then you know my love for drone videos. Having an aerial view of a city displays a beauty like no other. Think you know all that New York has to offer? This video may make you see the city that never sleeps in a different and more exciting and expansive way!

Looking to experience New York for yourself? Give us a call or stop by our website to request an appointment today!

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My Goodness, My Guinness


Guinness is a dry stout created first by Arthur Guinness in the 18th century. Guinness’ brewery first opened in 1759 at the brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin. Arthur Guinness was so confident in his product that he signed a 9,000 year lease of the St. James Gate brewery. Were just over 250 years in and it’s still going strong, so I guess Guinness wasn’t entirely wrong.

Today over 850 million Liters are sold annually and Guinness is brewed in over 60 countries and distributed in over 120. It is the best selling alcoholic drink in Ireland and has a great following outside the Irish Isles. Guinness’s top selling countries are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Nigeria, the United States and Cameroon. Nigeria and Cameroon may seem like odd top selling countries for the Irish Stout, but these two African nations are two of the top brewery locations for the beer as well.

Now drinking Guinness takes a little more than just pouring and sipping. The correct pour of the beer should be done at a 45 degree angle and should not be poured faster than 119.5 seconds. Guinness has claimed since it’s beginning that the beer is not only good, but good for you. It is considered heart healthy because the antioxidants in the stout slow the deposits of cholesterol on artery walls. With this being said the beer is also quite low in calories for alcohol. With only 198 calories per pint it is much lower in cals than that of many light beers as well as wines.

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