danish-schnapps-decanter.jpgSometimes we come across beverages that mean different things depending on where we are in the world. One such case is that of the alcoholic beverage–Schnapps. Depending on if you are in Europe or the United States you could be surprised by the variety of options you have. Let’s learn a little more about schnapps on this grand Thirsty Thursday.

Schnapps are categorized as strong alcoholic beverages similar to gin that are fruit flavored. The word Schnapps comes from the German word meaning to swallow. And speaking of Germany when there, if you order Schnapps you are ordering any type of alcoholic beverage. To the German’s Schnapps literally means alcohol and is different depending on what part of the country you are in. In Southern Germany you are likely to receive some form of fruit flavored brandy, while in the North Schnapps are generally grain based like vodka.

If you are to travel to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or parts of France you will find a popular brand of Schnapps referred to as Obstler or Obstrand. Obst is the German word for fruit. These brands come in a variety of fruit flavors including apple, pear, plumb, cherry or apricot. There are very rarely other fruits used to flavor Schnapps in this part of the world.

Coming back to the U.S. we know that Schnapps does not just mean alcohol here, but a specific type of grain alcohol mixed with fruit and other flavors. It has a syrupy like texture and falls into the category of a liqueur. Not necessarily something you would just drink on it’s own, but rather mixed with other drinks to make a less syrupy drink.

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