My Goodness, My Guinness


Guinness is a dry stout created first by Arthur Guinness in the 18th century. Guinness’ brewery first opened in 1759 at the brewery at St. James Gate in Dublin. Arthur Guinness was so confident in his product that he signed a 9,000 year lease of the St. James Gate brewery. Were just over 250 years in and it’s still going strong, so I guess Guinness wasn’t entirely wrong.

Today over 850 million Liters are sold annually and Guinness is brewed in over 60 countries and distributed in over 120. It is the best selling alcoholic drink in Ireland and has a great following outside the Irish Isles. Guinness’s top selling countries are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Nigeria, the United States and Cameroon. Nigeria and Cameroon may seem like odd top selling countries for the Irish Stout, but these two African nations are two of the top brewery locations for the beer as well.

Now drinking Guinness takes a little more than just pouring and sipping. The correct pour of the beer should be done at a 45 degree angle and should not be poured faster than 119.5 seconds. Guinness has claimed since it’s beginning that the beer is not only good, but good for you. It is considered heart healthy because the antioxidants in the stout slow the deposits of cholesterol on artery walls. With this being said the beer is also quite low in calories for alcohol. With only 198 calories per pint it is much lower in cals than that of many light beers as well as wines.

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