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9781472339010_Z.jpgToday I am mixing things up on our normal travel trivia blog and I am going to bring you some travel tid bits about a few interesting places from around the world. I stumbled across a post from a website/blog/travel publication called the Lonely Planet where they talk about 10 geeky facts from around the globe. I decided to highlight a couple of the places they talk about and some of the cool facts I found out (or already knew) about some exciting travel locations. So let’s learn a little bit on this Travel Trivia Tuesday shall we!

Location number one is Mount Everest, located in Nepal. As most of us know Mt. Everest at it’s highest point is the highest point on earth, but do you know just how tall that is? Currently Mt. Everest measures just over 29,035 feet. That is one tall point! Another thing you may not have known is that it is still growing! Now you may ask, how does a mountain grow. Well Mt. Everest sits on a bunch of tectonic plates that are pushing together raising the mountain 4mm per year. It may not seem like a lot but times that by the millions/billions of years the earth has been around and you’re going to get about 29,035 feet! If you aren’t into climbing to the very top (because well that takes a lot of training, millions of dollars, and you could die) there are plenty of opportunities in the foothills for climbing enthusiasts!

Our second pick is Vatican City. Did you know that this tiny 109 acre area is actually the smallest country in the world? That right, to put this in comparison, many of us have been to Central Park in New York City, well that is just over 840 acres. Yup, there is a country that is about 1/8th the size of Central Park! This traditional State has it’s own military known as the Swiss Guard and to this day they still wear the traditional garb inspired by the Renaissance artist Raphael. The country has 800 inhabitants and 450 of them are citizens.

Finally we are going to head back to the east and talk about the Great Wall of China. Obviously located in China, this was the largest military construction ever built on earth. And did you know the myth about being able to see it from space isn’t true! Today there are still about 1243 miles of the original 4535 miles of the wall remaining. The wall was built over the course of 300 years from the 7th century BC to the 4th century BC. One thing you may not know is that one of the hottest locations to view the wall is near Beijing. One small thing many tourists don’t know is that isn’t even part of the original wall. That’s right, the Beijing section was reconstructed during the Ming Dynasty 14-17th centuries AD.

For more travel knowledge make sure to check back each week and find out what we want you, our lovely followers, to know! If you are ready to see the world and this blog has inspired you it’s time to give us a call or check out our website!

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