Guess the Site

On which island and World Heritage Site would you find these distinctive carved stone statues (pictured)?


Make your guess in the comments below. Good luck!

Because this is our first Trivia Tuesday I don’t have the answer to reveal from last weeks, so I figured I would just share a few Interesting facts that have to do with travel:

  • There are 61,000 people in the air over the U.S. at any given time on any given day.
  • Studies show that money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods.
  • Monaco is smaller than Central Park in New York City.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada has the most hotel rooms of any city in the world.
  • All the money that is tossed into Rome’s Trevi Fountain is collected each night and donated to multiple charities.

Now that you know so much more about the world and travel in general give us a call and let us help you plan the next trip of a lifetime. Through all the facts that I filtered through a surprising amount of them dealt with a person’s overall health and happiness. It seems that vacations are good for the body and soul and to me that is as good a  reason as any to start my next journey. Where can we send you? Maybe to the answer of our trivia question? Don’t forget to submit your answers below.


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