Euro Disney to Paris

Our featured blog posts this week continue with Brittany’s write up on her most recent trip to Paris.

17861980_10155380411246833_8262072112292736759_n.jpg“We got up early to take advantage of the ‘early hours’ at the park which basically allows anyone staying on grounds to get into some sections of the park between 8 and 10am when no one else is allowed.  There are only some sections of the park available, but it was awesome to be able to walk to through the park when it wasn’t quite so crowded and get lots of pictures! We spent most of the day doing rides and walking around the park. We ate at a steakhouse for lunch where I had the most amazing Scottish Crumble Salmon with herbed smashed potatoes and beurre-blanc sauce. Hands down best meal I had at Disney! After that we went and did more rides.. my two favorite rides were Big Thunder Mountain and Rock’n Roller Coaster w/ Aerosmith.  The second was a literal roller coaster where you flip and turn and go upside down – it was awesome and completely unexpected!
17800462_10155380411081833_4370989582624286655_n.jpgDay 3 and we were off to Paris! We got up and packed and out of the room by 11am. We took the shuttle to the metro and bought a one way pass for 7 euros to get from Disneyland to Paris City Centre. We made it to the Metro (just in time!) and it was about 45 minute ride to our stop. We had to switch lines once, which was actually pretty easy to find and the signs are very helpful in finding where you need to go!  Our stop was right by Notre Dame so when you walk out (and of course it was a beautiful sunny day in Paris) you are right in a big square with cute little restaurants and people eating outside and just watching the world go by! It was a short walk to our hotel where we dropped off our bags and went to get lunch as our room was not quite ready. We went to a Canadian Bar for lunch which was very good. After we went back to our hotel to check in, got a little unpacked and the headed out to use our Hop on/Hop off pass! We basically did one big loop around Notre Dame, the Louvre, Champs Ellysees, Eiffel Tower and then downtown. After we got back we walked down the streets behind us which were picturesque streets – small cobblestone streets lined with restaurants that offer any and all types of cuisine! We settled on a little Itialian place called L’isolotto where we had Caprese Bruschetta with buffalo mozzarella and I had a Margherita Pizza – all of it was fabulous!” 
Want to navigate Paris on your own like Brittany and Connie did? Give us a call to find out more information about taking on Paris and it’s easy to use metro system.
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