Paris in Springtime

17796110_10155161925707498_1357045948355599957_n.jpgFor the next week I will be chronicling the adventures of Connie and Brittany in Paris. They have both written up tons of valuable information that we want to share with you, so make sure to tune in each day to hear more about their fabulous springtime vacation to the City of Lights.

“We got into Charles De Gaulle airport around 9:30 am, went through customs, picked up our bags then headed outside to meet the Magic Shuttle Bus (on our way to Disneyland Europe). We only had to wait about 20 minutes for the shuttle to arrive. After they picked us up we had to make 2 other stops at the airport and then went on to Disney – in all I think the ride was about an hour but there was free Wi-Fi, which is always nice to be able to touch base with home. We arrived at Newport Bay and checked in. Our room was not yet ready as it was only noon so we left our luggage with their bellmen and walked down to the park! The park was only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel and it was a very nice walk around a big lake with beautiful landscaping. The first area you walk into is the main restaurant area! (The first two things we saw were McDonalds and a Chicago steak house, which I


Ratatouille Restaurant, Disneyland Paris

thought was ironic because we travelled half way around the work to eat local food! Lol) We ate at a little pub and then wandered around through the parks just to get our bearings and find out where everything is. That night we went to Ratatouille for dinner which was adorable! It is themed for the movie so everything was food themed – there was a huge ‘Anyone Can Cook’ book and the booths were made of plates and silverware- it was very cute!”

Interested in learning more about Euro Disney or the Ratatouille restaurant? Time to call Ambassador Travel!


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