Best Caribbean Beachs–Nevis

Awhile back we started featuring some of what USA Today is calling the best beaches in the Caribbean. Today we are continuing with the Island of Nevis.1401982672013-ap012.jpg

The best beaches on the sister island across the channel from St. Kitts are on the northern and western shores. Three miles long and covering the distance between the capital city of Charlestown and the Sea Bridge Ferry Dock, Pinney’s is the one photographed for the travel brochures. The beguiling blue water beach on the Caribbean side of the island is carpeted in sand the color of saffron 1401982672024-sea-4-.jpgand a sandy stroll from the island’s luxe resorts like the Four Seasons Nevis and Paradise Beach Villas. For a quieter day on a beach chair, Lover’s Beach is hidden from the road on the northern shore. “This is a lesser known beach known for its seclusion and tranquility,” said Greg Phillip, CEO of the Nevis Tourism Board, “but a popular beach to watch the sea turtles nesting.”  For tranquil tides, Herbert’s Beach is where the Atlantic Ocean starts on the windward side and where marine life is spectacular in the many undisturbed reefs.

Interested in learning more about this tropical escape? Time to contact us here at Ambassador and make sure to check back to see more of the Caribbean’s best beaches!


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