The Music City


Hi ya’ll (sorry I spent 2 days in the South and it just stuck), I wanted to do a little trip review on my most recent stay in Nashville. Although many of the fabulous Travel Consultants in the Ambassador office have traveled to Nashville before, this past weekend was my first time. One of my favorite ways to travel is like a local. Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the sights and I spent plenty of time doing so, but I also really enjoy smaller experiences that make me feel like I really live in whatever city I visit. So below will be a brief account of what I did this weekend in the Music City.

There are several ways one can get to Nashville, but this weekend I decided to drive from Chicago. It is about 6.5 hours, but there was quite a bit of road construction so I would say it was closer to 7.5. I left first thing Friday morning and pointed my compass south. One great thing about driving to Nashville is that there are a couple exciting cities to stop at along the way. I think the next time I go I may take an extra two days just to enjoy Indianapolis, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. Because let’s be honest, any city who’s sports arena is called the KFC Yum Center is a city I want to be in.

On this trip to the Music City, I stayed in East Nashville. This neighborhood is about 4 miles from downtown, but also has it’s own little neighborhood downtown that I got to experience. In East Nashville there are tons of shops, restaurants, bars and coffee shops. And there are also hotels and other types of accommodations like Bed and Breakfasts. I stayed near an area called 5 points, which boasts some cool bars each with their own eclectic vibes and tons of options for live music. If you find yourself in this area don’t plant yourself in one specific restaurant or bar, there is so much to see and do grab a drink and head off to your next place. Another cool component of Nashville as a whole is that you never know where a business will just spring up within a residential area. I came upon record shops, clothing boutiques and so much more just walking around. Plus, if you’ve ever been to music row, you know that all the most famous recording studios are simply old craftsman style houses that now turn out the best country music in the world.

Another highlight of my trip was the food, I honestly feel like I ate hardly anything, because there is so much left I want to try. One of my favorite places we went, was for brunch Saturday morning. For this meal we ventured over to the 12 South Neighborhood, which is located just south of the Gulch (one of the most popular areas in Nashville). Here we ate at a very trendy, totally Instagramable restaurant called Flipside. When there is a breakfast item on the menu known as “tatchos” (tater tot nachos) you know that you have found the right place. Plus, they have one of those amazing Bloody Mary’s that comes with enough food in it to make a meal. Afterward we wandered around the shops and various snack trailers, make sure to grab a s’more from the s’more camper.

Of course I also visited downtown, did a little honky tonking on Broadway street and got a tour of Vanderbilt University. I sipped on Jack Daniels, had some fried chicken and listened to plenty of country music. One of the coolest features right now about Nashville, however, are the plethora of murals spread all about the city. If you have Instagram or Pinterest you may recognize ones like the “I Believe in Nashville” or the angel wings set agains a black backdrop. If you want to get your pic in front of these make sure to go early in the day because they have become so popular there are now lines around the block just to get a picture. One of my favorites is featured here in this article and located in 12 South and as a bonus there was no line!

Overall the weekend, like all great trips, went extremely fast and left me only with a desire to travel back to Nashville to do and see so much more of this fun, very hospitable southern town. For more information or if you would also like to check out the Music City, contact us today at Ambassador Travel !

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