Shopping in Portugal


Leather Gloves At Luvaria Ulisses in Lisbon, Portugal

Walk too quickly and you might miss Luvaria Ulisses, a one-of-a-kind glove shop in the heart of Lisbon’s refined Chiado neighborhood. That’s because the shop is no bigger than a broom closet: enter and your nose practically hits the wall. It’s where illustrator Joana Avillez’s Portuguese grandmother took her, as a girl, to be fitted for her very first pair. To this day, your elbow is placed on a velvet pillow and your fingers are measured down to the last millimeter. Then the owner, Carlos Carvalho, will offer you gloves in any color leather, from powder blue to canary yellow, embellished according to your wishes with anything from white piping or contrast stitching to leopard-print cuffs. “You leave hoping either for frostbite or a serious invitation out,” Avillez says. “Any excuse to wear gloves, now integral to your identity.” Gloves from $54. —Thessaly La Force


Ambassador Travel LTD.| 920.236.7777|

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