Tea Time


Mrs. Knott’s Tea Room At South Foreland Lighthouse in Dover, England

If you stroll two miles northeast from the White Cliffs Visitor Center in Dover, wind-bent shrubbery on one side of you and a 350-foot plunge to the English Channel on the other, you’ll reach a converted 1846 lighthouse keeper’s cottage. This is Mrs. Knott’s Tea Room, an oasis for wind-lashed visitors. You’ll enter to sit in mismatched chairs, sip tea poured from higgledy-piggledy teapots into patterned cups on saucers, and nibble egg-salad-and-cress sandwiches and Victoria sponge cake, while in the hallway, serenades by Vera Lynn play on the old phonograph. The floral walls are crowded with photos of the staff’s ancestors. The No Smoking sign is cross-stitched. This juxtaposition of indoor doilies and outdoor danger feels quintessentially British—a little cottage of mirth and manners perched on the edge of the gray isle of fog and frost. After a few cups, your gratitude for coziness will give way to an eagerness to be outside again. You’ll pay and go, emboldened for the return trek. South Foreland Lighthouse, The Front, St. Margaret’s Bay, Dover. —Richard Morgan 

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