Once-in-a-lifetime Trips Worth Flying For

Hello all and welcome to today’s blog. I found a fascinating article about once in a lifetime experience chosen by writers for Travel and Leisure. Check back for the next few blog posts to see all 10!

Adeline Duff

Travel + Leisure‘s Worth Flying For series explores the most singular experiences travelers can have.


El Rei De La Màgia in Barcelona

El Rei de la Màgia, around the corner from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona’s Barri Gòtic, bills itself as Spain’s oldest magic store. It was founded in 1878 by the great Catalonian conjurer Joaquín Partagás, known in his time as the King of Magic. Visitors pass through the shop’s ornate ruby-red façade to discover shelves and display cases brimming with curios: playing cards, wands that spout flowers, interlocking metal rings, backward clocks, joke candy. The shop makes some of the items on site, including its famous Milk Bulb Trick, in which the performer pours milk into a paper cone, causing it to disappear and then—presto!— miraculously reappear inside the bulb of a lamp.

If you buy a trick, a magician will whisk you behind a black curtain to demonstrate how it works. But El Rei de la Màgia will only sell you a trick they think you can pull off. “We do not sell everything to anybody,” said Sara Fernández, one of the magicians there. “Only what we know you can do and will use.”

When I visited, I saw her transform blank white paper into money while an eight-year-old boy in a cape watched. “I would like this,” the boy said, steepling his fingers. He asked his mother for some money to buy the trick, then followed Fernández behind the curtain to receive her wisdom. A few minutes later, he emerged, exultant. “Now, the secrets are mine,” he told his mother. He swirled his cape and bowed, having suddenly found himself, like so many travelers, on an unexpected stage. —Richard Morgan

Who doesn’t love a little mystery when they travel? Check back each day for a feature on the 10 once in lifetime experiences worth flying for!


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