Cuban Cocktails


Since the Obama administration lifted regulations on travel to Cuba Americans have been flocking their for the mystery, sights and of course culture including world famous drinks. Let’s learn more about Cuban cocktails from this great Travel and Leisure article.

Shaken or stirred, straight up or on the rocks, all of Cuba’s signature swills will immediately transport you 90-miles off Floridian shores.

The sugarcane-carpeted valleys of Cuba have, for centuries, produced some of the world’s best—and most coveted—rum.  With no shortage of the tropical spirit, Cubans have learned to mix this liquor with, well, just about everything.

Improved relations between Cuba and the United States (and an exciting new proviso allowing up to $100 in Cuban rum to be brought back as a souvenir) has renewed interest in some of the country’s most famous rum cocktails.

Of course, it’s not just the sense of intrigue that comes with sipping one of these clandestine drinks that makes them so enticing. No, a love affair with one of Cuba’s classic cocktails is very much like reuniting with an old friend, or stumbling upon a bit of family history.

Take, for instance, the Cuba Libre, which is storied to be the creation of a U.S. Army Signal Corps Captain, who toasted ¡Por Cuba Libre! after the Spanish-American War concluded with a glass of rum, coke, and a wedge of lime.  It’s just one of the various concoctions that serve as the less-literary works of the curmudgeon-y expat, Ernest Hemingway. Read on for more.

Article from Travel and Leisure:

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