Making Memories in the Millennial Age


It gives us great pleasure in the travel industry to be able to hear what we are doing right and how we are affecting the way people travel, especially new travels who are are booking their first trips by themselves since leaving college and starting at jobs of their own. Today’s testimonial comes from Emma, one of Ambassador’s newest clients and friends.

“Working with Ambassador has been incredibly easy and accommodating. Paying for the trip as I go has made saving for the trip the most convenient as well communicating through social media any questions that I had. Just a few days before the deadline to book I had gotten a new job in a different state, and in just a few minutes they had given me all of my flight options whether I needed to fly/drive back to the original departure location or if I could fly from my new location. Would book again through Ambassador!”

As far as reviews go, we can’t help but say this is a great one, but for more reasons than one. As a business that has been around for a long time, not just Ambassador, but travel agencies in general, we, like everyone else, need to evolve with the times. As the millennial age of travel is upon us we know that to stay competitive in the industry that we love so much we need to be accessible to the way that this younger generation travels. And thanks to Emma, we now have a great example of what we can do for our clients, no matter where their jobs or school takes them! And also convenient ways that you can get ahold of us besides just phone or email. So if you don’t follow us on our social media accounts now is the time! If you love to chat with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you can definitely do so! It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason, connect with us today!

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