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Where-Should-You-Travel-Next-I-Personality-Quiz.jpgIf you read our blog regularly then you know how much I love a quiz that will tell you where to go next, although we love to do that at Ambassador Travel. This quiz is a great way to find a little travel inspiration and see how your personality lines up with different cities around the world. Like always I like to take these quizzes and share the results with all of our readers, so I got Egypt and here’s why: “Filled with intrigue and ancient culture, a trip to Egypt is more than an expedition. Trek the desert, check out ruins, or take a cruise along the Nile. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that you’ll never forget.” Now I don’t believe in “once-in-a-lifetime” but I have been to Egypt and the description is spot on to what I like to do on vacation, so if you want to know where you want to go next try it out below!

Where Should You Travel Next | Personality Quiz

So take the quiz and share with us your results, then give us a call!

Ambassador Travel Ltd. | 920.236.7777 | ambassadortravelltd.com


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