Name These Places

Today on Travel Trivia Tuesday I am going to try to stump you all. We are going to play a game of match the image to the name and location of that image. Now these are highly toured sites, but not ones you may know if you haven’t been there or at least to the country. Some may be easier than others, but this is definitely one of our hardest mix and match games we’ve ever played, so can you beat it? Try it out and let us know how you did!

For an even harder challenge see if you can guess them without the word bank. If you need the help just scroll down for the options!

1. panama_canal_-_istock_000040694586_large.jpg

2. geiranger_sevensisters_605.jpg

3. montecarlo_011.jpg

4. shwedagon_pagoda_yangon_0.jpg

5. azamara_in_lisbon.jpg



A. Shwedagon Pagoda–Myanmar

B. Panama Canal– Panama

C. 25 de Abril Bridge– Lisbon, Spain

D. Seven Sister’s Waterfall– Norway

E. Grand Casino de Monte Carlo– Monaco

Answers: 1B, 2D, 3E, 4A, 5C


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