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Happy Travel Trivia Tuesday everyone. Instead of playing along with us here today we are going to do something that will be both fun and functional by sharing a link with you. After a series of about 10 questions this fun quiz will tell you where to go, although you know we love doing that here. Play along and see why your travel personality matches up with your resulting city. Plus when it’s over you will have a new destination in mind and we will be here waiting for your call

Link: https://www.buzzfeed.com/turkishairlines/which-city-fits-your-travel-style-1gc3k?utm_term=.lhxEmL3zp#.obZ4zM152

I took the quiz and got Istanbul, Turkey, which by the way has been on my bucket list for years. The quiz suggested I like to see everything and do even more in the cities that I visit (very true) and that the hustle and bustle of Istanbul would be perfect for me. I don’t know about you, but personality wise this was pretty spot on. I want to know which locations you got! Share them with us on our Facebook page or below in the comments!

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