Road Trip


The fall is a great time to get in the car and head out of town for the weekend. This is the time of year when several festivals and events are taking place as we celebrate the end of summer and before we are trapped in side by the snowy winter that lies ahead. I am sorry I even had to mention the “s” word already, it is only October! If you are looking to do a road trip this fall, there are so many great locations that are perfect for weekend drive. Here at Ambassador Travel we can help you with locations, lodging, rental vehicles and events that are taking place wherever you are looking to go. Using a Travel Planner to create a autumn road trip will allow you to see and do things you may have not even known about. Because of our extensive knowledge of the travel world as well as our great connections we have insight that you may not even know how to or be able to find on the internet. We can offer restaurant suggestions, winery tours, corn mazes, whatever your fall loving self is interested in, we’re here to help.

Just this weekend I drove from Chicago, up through Wisconsin and into Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. And honestly the drive alone was a great way to spend the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t love spending hours and hours in the car, but the changing leaves was a beautiful way to enjoy the drive. The U.P. is a beautiful place this time of year. There are opportunities for camping, kayaking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches and so much more. Plus if you want to enjoy several cities in the course of a weekend the Upper Peninsula has a lot of great small cities all within driving distance of each other. So grab your flannel and head north before the “s” word starts making us flee south!

For more information on road tripping, the various activities mentioned above or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula please contact us at Ambassador Travel Ltd.

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