Travel for your Health



Now everyone in the travel industry loves to give you reasons why you should definitely travel, and I am sure they are all great ones, but nothing can be more irrefutable than the need to travel to stay healthy. Yes, you heard me right, studies have been done, charts have been assemble and data has been gathered and leading experts in the medical field have concluded that traveling is not only fun but it is incredibly good for you. Here’s what one is being reported:

‘”If you want to be healthier, take more vacations and live near a large park, according to two separate studies. Vacations are linked to decreased risks of heart attack and depression and even promote brain health, says a study from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies with the Global Commission on Aging and U.S. Travel Association.”‘

This story originally appeared on Fortune

So if you think that getting away for that holiday in the sun is a luxury, think again, it is a necessity. We do tons of things we don’t really want to do to make sure we stay healthy: exercise, eat tons of vegetables, go to bed when we don’t want to, skip the second glass of wine, so why not do something that is completely enjoyable and will keep you healthy?

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