Who Needs Sleep?


Happy Tuesday, trivia lovers. Have you ever wondered about sleeping patterns of other mammals? Us humans are supposed to get about 7 hours of sleep (as adults), not that we always do. But how do other members of our mammal species sleep? Let’s find out.

Do you know which mammal generally sleeps upright and sometimes only snoozes for around 20 minutes a day?

If you guessed Giraffe then you are spot on! That’s right these tall creatures sleep anywhere from about 20 minutes to 2 hours a day. They have adjusted over time and adapted to their environment. Giraffe’s although cute, are prey to many animals living in their same environment. Because of this they generally do not lie down to sleep because getting back up takes awhile on those long wobbly legs. When they sleep the do so in short naps of about 5-10 minutes at a time. Can you imagine sleeping standing up for 5-10 minutes a few times a day? Sounds awful right? Well it works for the Giraffe! You can witness this at Giraffe sanctuaries all over the world. For more information please contact us today!


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