Locate that Monument

It’s Travel Trivia Tuesday, welcome to our blog! We are going to have a little fun today by playing a little matching game to see if you know the names of these 10 famous monuments from around the world! Tell us how you did at the end and how many you’ve been to by commenting below or on our Facebook page! I personally have been to 5 of the 10, can you guess which ones?

1.                                                             2.

The-Eiffel-Tower-paris-2393939-1920-2560-600x800.jpg   58657270.133_3307.jpg

3.                                                              4.

e3ae1b1b61791f8f52ba7d8f3da806dd.jpg   828287_ede0ffe68e_z.jpg

5.                                                                        6.

25-Most-Famous-Landmarks-From-Around-The-World-1.jpg   Giza-Pyramids1-600x450.jpg

7.                                                                         8.

brandenburg-gate.jpg  stonehenge-sunrise.jpeg

9.                                                                          10.

o-LA-SAGRADA-FAMILIA-570.jpg   parent_522_4508.jpg;width=700;height=500.jpeg

Word Bank:

A. Brandenburger Tor (gate)
B. Stonehenge
C. St. Basil’s Cathedral
D. La Sagrada Familia
E. Christ the Redeemer
F. the Eiffel Tower
G. Big Ben
H. the Taj Mahal
I. the Pyramids of Giza
J. the Gold Gate Bridge

Scroll down now to see if you got the answers right


  1. F Eiffel Tower (Paris, France)
  2. C St. Basil’s Cathedral (Moscow, Russia)
  3. E Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  4. G Big Ben (London, England)
  5. J. the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, USA)
  6. I. Pyramids of Giza (Giza, Egypt)
  7. A. Brandenburger Tor (Berlin, Germany)
  8. B. Stonehenge (Amesbury, England)
  9. D. La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
  10. the Taj Mahal (Agra, India)


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