What better way to get you in wedding planning mode than Maroon 5 dropping in on LA weddings in their Sugar music video.


Have you ever considered a destination wedding? Here at Ambassador Travel we can help you whether you are looking to do it in Mexico/Caribbean, somewhere in the United States or to infinity and beyond (well not quite space, but really your imagination is the limit). Destination weddings are a great way to turn your wedding into a vacation of a lifetime for not only you, but also all your loved ones. When you plan your destination wedding with us we will help take care of you every step of the way, meaning WAY less stress than other brides and grooms are experiencing during their wedding planning year. Trust me, from someone who planned a wedding, a destination wedding means no family arguments, no stress and a beautiful vacation to start off your new married life. Plus you get to spend multiple days mingling with your guests so on the day of your wedding you can actually enjoy your day without worrying about all the obligations that come with a traditional wedding day. If I (or Adam Levine) have sparked your interested it’s time to give us a call!

Ambassador Travel Ltd. | 920.236.7777|

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