Renew Your Passports

expedited-passport-renewal.jpgGood afternoon everyone! Today we are taking a detour from our normal Trivia Tuesday to talk about some travel tips, specifically for renewing your passports. Did you know that most locations abroad require you to have a passport that is valid 6 months after your return date? That’s right, if you are planning on escaping the cold this winter/spring your passport will need to be valid by at least 6 months from your trip. What that means is it is time to renew your passport to be on the safe side. I am providing a link to the renewal page on that will give you information on what you need to renew your passport as well as printable options for the forms that need to be filled out.

Renewing your passport can be a stressful process especially if you already have a trip in the works and are on a deadline. Making sure the details are correct is an important step to getting your passport back in a timely manner without having to redo any of the steps. One thing we at Ambassador Travel can help you out with is a recommendation as well as discount on your passport photos. Did you know that passport photos have specific guidelines and if they are not met, your passport application can be denied? With Camera Casino in Oshkosh you will not only be in excellent hands, but in the very unlikely event that your passport is denied due to photo issues they will not only replace the photo for free, but also refund the original photo (valid on pictures taken after 9/1/16).

Here at Ambassador Travel we put our full trust in Camera Casino. They have the most advanced passport photo system and will guarantee your photo meets the strict requirements. Plus shopping locally also helps build a strong community. When you go to Camera Casino and mention that you are traveling with Ambassador Travel you will have a reduced price on your photos from $11.99 to $8.99. Help out your local community, save a little bit of money and have peace of mind that your passport will arrive in plenty of time for you next adventure! Don’t compromise quality, go to Camera Casino today!


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