Best Drinks From Around the World


If you are like me then you are obsessed with Buzzfeed articles. I can barely scroll through my Facebook timeline without seeing their humorous articles and I can NEVER pass up one of their quizzes.. like who doesn’t want to know which version of Taylor Swift they are, (I got leaving the gym looking perfect Taylor, naturally), but today I found an article perfect for our Thirsty Thursday blog. In said article they lay out 13 of the world’s best drinks and where in those cities to try them. I don’t know how they landed on these 13, but several have been featured right here on our blog, so naturally I wanted to share it with all of my lovely readers!


Although I’ve written about quite a few of these I have actually only tried 2 of them myself. I would love to hear from all of you if you have tried any of these drinks. I have had the Pimms cup, which by the way I love and is becoming more popular again. You can find it at many bars. And the Paloma, which I would say far rivals the margarita any day. But please don’t hold back tell me what you think about these worldly beverages!

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