Bali is an island and province of Indonesia, with it’s capital city being Denpasar. With over 4 million people inhabiting the island this gem to the east is one you should definitely consider for your next vacation. It is highly developed in the arts, which include dancing, sculpture, painting, leather and metal work as well as music. You can find both traditional and modern aspects in all the different areas of art that the people of Bali excel in.

Located 600 miles east of Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, Bali is part of the coral triangle. What this means is that it is part of a system of islands with the highest biodiversity of marine species in the world. About 7 times that of the caribbean. Which means that for a scuba diver, Bali is a dream. According to Travel 42, “Bali Island remains a magical getaway that doesn’t seem of this earth.” Now if a travel destination ever got a review, that is the one it would want. A “magical destination that doesnt seem of this world,” to me this means its something that no picture is ever going to be able to fully show you. You have to see it for yourself.

Bali is a breathtaking location where you should spend your time outside viewing all it has to offer. Take in a sunset at Tanah Lot, or try a traditional Indonesian crispy duck at the many top notch restaurants. Tour sacred temples and take in a live dancing show. You can rent cars or bikes and continue to explore the island on your own, or plan out excursions to have a guide bring Bali’s history to life.

The highest point in Bali is Mount Agung. This is the most sacred part of the island. The majority of the Balinese people are Hindu and this still, very much, active volcano is considered highly respected. Most temples face Mount Agung and people try to sleep with their heads towards it at night. Because of the volcano Bali has some amazing black sand beaches due to the volcanic ash. Usually known for the pristine white beaches, Bali surprises it’s visitors with it’s few black ones as well.

Another great component to Bali is the people themselves. They have over 580 languages and dialects, but the official language is Bahasa Indonesia. With 80% of the island’s economy being tourism, many people do speak English because it is part of their livelihoods. One interesting thing about the people of Bali is that they name their children in order of birth. What I mean by that is, there are only 4 names given to children and there is no difference between boys and girls. Your first child will be named Wayan, second Made, third Nyoman and fourth Ketut. I don’t know how this works, and what happens if you have a 5th child, but it is definitely an interesting fact.

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