malta-country.jpgWelcome to Where in the World Wednesday fellow travel lovers. Today we are going to talk about a small island nation that has played a big part in the world–Malta. Haven’t heard of it? Well then I am glad you are here becuase this is a small island with a big personality. So without further adieu lets jump right in shall we.

Located about 5o miles south of Sicily, Italy, Malta is a small 122 square mile archepelago with just under a half a million people. It is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. Malta is comprised of three main islands: Gozo, Comino and Malta. With the capital located on the Maltese island of Malta and known as Valletta. Valletta itself is the smallest national captial in the European Union at just under a 1/2 square mile. The people of Malta have two official languages, but many of them are multilingual speakers. You can hear Maltese as well as English used interchangably. Maltese is a sort of mixture between Arabic and Italian.

Malta has played a strong history in the world due to it’s location. Because it’s proximity to both Europe and Africa it has staked it’s claim due to it’s Naval capabilities. It was also one of the most heavily bombed locations during WWII. Malta has seen a long history of ownership by various super powers, but gained it’s commonwealth status from England in 1964. Just 10 years later in 1974 it became an official republic and would join the European Union in 2004.

Malta is a great location for tourists of all types. With it’s great weather, rich history as well as endless options for recreational fun, Malta is a hot spot for tourists. The people of Malta are friendly and speak English so it is defintiely a great place for American travelers who want to travel to Europe. The busiest season runs from July through September. If you don’t like crowds then avoid the busy season. Like I said above this small island country is already densly populated and now add thousands of tourists. The weather is fare all year long so avoid the crowds by heading to Malta in Spring or early Summer.

So what is there to do in Malta? Both locals and tourists alike can and do enjoy attending summer performances at the Manoel Theatre in Valletta. Here you can see operas, concerts and much more. If the beach is where you want to be, then head to the Northner coasts, this is where you will find the best ocean front locations. If scuba diving is your thing, then Malta is your destination. The clear waters surrounding the island make for great scuba conditions. Plus the island is surrounded by reefes, caves as well as a multitude of ship wrecks to explore.

Like I said above Malta is comprised of three main islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is where you will find the most to do, whether that is shopping, restaurants or night life. Gozo is a little slower of a pace. Our Travel guide suggests spending 8 days in Malta with 5 of them on the island of Malta, 2 in Gozo and 1 in Comino. Comino is virtually uninhabited and most visitors spend their time at the breathtaking blue lagoon. Other great options are taking a walking tour, becuase the islands are so small it is easy to take coastal walking tours any day on the various islands. And don’t forget to sample the oranges in Malta. They are known for them and are quite delicious.

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