Aarhus, Denmark

Denmark’s second largest city, Aarhus began as a viking settlement in the 8th century and has gone through a history of stagnation and war to find itself as a popular cultural and tourist hub of today. Aarhus is located along Denmark’s east coast of the Jylland Peninsula, the only part of Denmark attached to mainland Europe. The Aarhus of today really began during the turn of the century with the Industrial Revolution. So let’s learn a little more about this cool town.

Today Aarhus is a hot spot for culture, economics, trade, industry and education. With many Danish companies housing their headquarters here, the surrounding areas and suburbs have grown up because of commuters. Aarhus University is located here and is the largest college in the Scandinavian Countries. You will find large amounts of students, which have of course influenced the towns culture and entertainment industries. The city itself is notable for music history. With a love of jazz that provides annual music festivals. If you can make it here in September you will be able to experience Aarhus Festival, which is a week long concert and cultural event that brings crowds from around the world.

Other options for visiting in the area are two 13th century castles. The Marselisborg Forest, where you can visit the Christmas and Summer home of the Danish Royal family. Plus check out Den Gamle By, also know as the old town, which is an open air museum, located just outside of town.

Aarhus is definitely one of those locations to visit if you are ready to experience European culture and are interested in seeing cities outside the main tourist areas. It will give you a great mix of attractions as well as local favorites. Aarhus is a great way to spend a day or two and feel fully immersed in the Danish way of life.

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