Craft-Beer1.jpegLast week I asked you, “In what language does Cerveza mean beer?” If you guessed Spanish then you would be correct! Many of your probably already knew this because a lot of your have traveled to Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries while on vacation. I thought it would be fun to go along with this blog post to find out the Top 5 best selling beers in Mexico. Honestly this list surprised me, so lets see what’s on it.

  1. Bohemia: This light beer is unlike many other light beers served in Mexico and throughout the world because it is a full flavored light beer. Not a water that has a beerish aftertaste. This is great for any real beer lover looking to enjoy a light ale that will still pack a punch
  2. Negra Modelo: This is the best selling dark beer in Mexico. It is a German style dark that is still light in flavor with excellent bitter chocolate notes.
  3. Dos Equis: This Amber ale is one of the Dos Equis variety that is available year round. It is a vienna style lager similar to Sam Adams Boston Lager or Newcastle Brown Ale.
  4. Corona Familia: Unlike what we think of when we think of Corona, the Familia is a Amber ale from the Corona family. More flavor than Corona extra due to it’s dark bottle and less likelihood of becoming skunky.
  5. Victoria: Another Amber ale that is full bodied and from the Vienna style of lager.

It was quite surprising to me how many Amber ales were on this list. Not just because I love anything that has my name in it, but just because when I think of drinking beer in Mexico it definitely doesn’t make me think of a heavy brown lager. But that is why we have this great blog, to inform the masses!

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