Lille, France


We have all heard about Paris, the Riviera and Normandy, but there are gems throughout France, that should definitely make their way onto your must travel list. Located 138 miles northeast of Paris near the Belgium border, Lille is the 4th largest urban city in France. Larger cities include Paris, Lyon and Marseilles. So what makes this city a must travel location, lets find out!

The area of Lille has been inhabited since 2000 BC and was taken over by the vikings during the 7th and 8th centuries. There is Flemish influences in the architecture of the city, with a good mix of both French and Belgian influences. ISA Today says, “If Paris and Brussels had a baby, they would call it Lille.”

It is known as one of France’s most underrated cities and one of the emerging cool art scenes that people will soon be flocking to. With 3 renowned art museums, great shopping and excellent dining and nightlife, this French city is now a cultural and commercial hub. If you love strolling streets and window shopping Lille is for you. Many of the city center streets are purely reserved for pedestrians, so take that midnight stroll through an exotic city without worrying.

Lille has experience a true revival in culture due to it’s university students. Over 100,000 residents of the city go to the college in Lille and have really helped create culture, nightlife and daytime activities. The city is also known for their summer markets, festivals and concerts. The Branderie de Lille takes place each summer and is the largest flee market in Europe.

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