Today we are journeying to Greece to learn about another regional drink that attracts locals and tourists alike. Known as Mastika or Matiha this Greek liqueur is seasoned with mastic, the resin gathered from the mastic tree. This tree is a type of pine tree native to the country.

There are two different drinks known under the name mastiha. The first Mastiha Chiou is a brandy based liquor native to the Chios island. The second Tsikodia, which is similar to Ouzo. The latter is typically served with desserts made with almonds at Greek weddings. It is a digestiv and is said to smell sweet and taste like liquoirice. So like many drinks we talk about on here it is similar to other anise flavored liquers.

Mastika is popular also in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania. The process of making Mastika begins with an alcohol base made from fermented grapes. It is then double distilled and filtered through the root of the mastic tree. After the distillation process it is then flavored with the resin of the mastic tree to give the liquer it’s pine like and very distinct flavor. It is generally served cold or at room temperature. Mostly poured over ice and drank straight.

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