Quechua Language

South-America-1.jpgWelcome back trivia lovers! Last week I asked you, “In which South American country is the Quechua language spoken?” If you guessed the Peruvian Andes then you would be correct. Let’s learn a little bit about this language and why South America is such a great location for travel right now.

Quechua or runa simi (meaning the people’s language) is an American Indian language. It is still spoken by over 8 million people today. Most of which reside in Peru, but other countries that encompass the Andean region also include Bolivia, Ecuador, Columbia and Argentina. It was the language of the Inca Empire, which was destroyed in the 16th century by Spanish Colonists.

Many native languages are still spoken throughout South America as well as Spanish and Portuguese. But why is South America such a cool location for travelers, especially right now? Well I am glad you are interested, because if you are looking for your next must visit locations, South American countries are it. First off South America, across the board, is affordable right now. If you have ever travelled to Europe then you know that travel prices there can be quite high, especially during the peak seasons. The dollar is very strong in South America so you are going to get a good bang for your buck. Another great component is that our winter in North America is there summer. So if you are looking for a winter break vacation, you will have amazing weather in South America. And although the dollar is strong in S. America they rely heavily on tourism as part of each countries economy so they put a lot of effort into their tourism industry. You can find amazing hotels and resorts, excursions as well as traveling around is easy. Plus this area of the world is very safe. I know we as travel professionals are always being asked about some of the safest places to travel right now and South America is always at the top of that list. Basic precautions you would use when traveling anywhere are all you need for a South American getaway. And finally there is no significant time change for anyone coming from the United States. If you have ever flown to Europe you know how exhausting that 7-9 hour time change can be depending on where you are fly from and to. Because we are located North to South with South America you may get on a 6-8 hr flight, but when you get there the time could be the same. Which, for anyone who travels to Europe or anywhere west you know that jet lag can really cramp your travel style.

So now that I have laid out all the advantages of traveling to South America it is time for you to book an appointment with us so we can decide which country is right for you! 920.236.7777 or visit our website to schedule an appointment ambassadortravelltd.com.

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