To Caribbean or Not to Caribbean

Last week I asked, “which of these is not located in the caribbean: Bequia, Saba, Parrot Cay or Boracay?” If you chose Boracay then you would be correct! Let’s learn a little bit about these locations and where Boracay is actually located.


Let’s start at the beginning of the list with Bequia. This is the second largest island in the Grenadines, which is part of Grenada. This 7 square mile island may be small in size, but is extremely popular with tourists who scuba dive and yacht. Next on the list is Saba. This island is a bit larger at 13 square miles and is the smallest municipality of the Netherlands. Other municipalities of the Netherlands include Aruba and Saint Marten. This small island its known for it’s potentially active volcanos as well as the lush greenery. It is called the “unspoiled queen” of the Caribbean and tourists flock here for scuba diving as well as ecotourism.

Next on the list is Parrot Cay. This is a private resort island that is park of Turks and Caicos. It is owned by the COMO Hotels and Resorts company. Parrot Cay was originally named Pirate Cay because legendary female pirate Anne Bonny was said to have camped out here in the 1720s. The name was later switched to Parrot Cay as to not frighten tourists.

So now to our answer, where is Boracay? This small island is actually located in the Philippines. And again, it may be small, but it has a huge stake in the world. Boracay has received several award for their beautiful beaches. It has been given the title of one of the top destinations in the world for relaxation. And in 2012 Travel and Leisure named it best island in the world. So, it may not be in the Caribbean, but it has a lot to offer it’s visitors.

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This week’s trivia question: “Where is the Quechua language spoken?” 

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