Krakow Poland

krakow-wide.jpgA few weeks ago I posted a drone video of Poland and it truly made me fall in love with the country. I decided to go a step further and choose a city to feature for my awesome readers! So today I am bringing to you Krakow, Poland. After some research I have discovered that it is the overwhelming favorite city of Poland for both Polish people and travelers alike, so lets learn a little bit about this beloved city.

Krakow is the 2nd largest city in Poland, only second to Warsaw. This now bustling town started as a small village in the 7th century and has grown for the last 1000+ years into a favorite for education and art lovers alike. Krakow was once the capital of Poland from 1038-1596, but has since been taken over by today’s capital Warsaw. The city itself only has about 760,000 residence, but within a 60 mile radius there are over 8 million more people.

Located in the souther region of Poland, Krakow is one of the few cities to have survived the destruction of World War Two almost completely unharmed. And because of this it has more historic buildings in it’s old town than any other city in the world. You can find these historic buildings in the largest medieval square in Europe known as Old Market Square. This is a great area for shopping, especially for tourists. You can find handmade good, local made Polish products and the ever coveted amber gems (although you guys get to read amber’s gems everyday right here on the blog *pause for laughter*) Moving on. Two popular buildings to visit in Market Square are the Cloth Hall built in the 13th century where you can find more great shopping and Town hall tower. This is all that remains of the original old town hall and can be climbed for some of the best views in the city.

Aside from shopping Krakow is proud to be a tourist location. The people are looking to show locals and tourists a good time no matter what. And because of this many bars and pubs don’t close at night until the last person leaves. This is very different from other European cities, but it is part of Krakow’s draw for many travelers.

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