Destination Wedding Wednesday

6e30370e-60e0-4006-8794-19dd3e56be4a~rs_768.h.jpegHello and welcome to our last installment of Wedding Wednesdays. Because June is such a popular time for weddings (the most popular of all the months actually) we wanted to bring you some great options for honeymoon and destination weddings as well as show you why using a Travel Agent for the planning of your big day or getaway for two takes away a big portion of your wedding year stress. One last article I want to share with you is from the, which if you are newly engaged you definitely have been on this website. They are truly the Mecca of all things bride. I found an article on why you should have a destination wedding. And we couldn’t agree more!


Now the article really speaks for itself, but I wanted to comment on reason #6 “They’re a Once in a Lifetime Reunion Opportunity.” In this section the explanation talks about the fact that for a destination wedding you usually arrive a few days before the ceremony. To have that extra time with your guests is something any bride who did a large wedding at home would cherish in a heartbeat. I remember at my wedding I spent so much time walking around and taking to guests I barely got to enjoy the day. If you have time before the ceremony to hang out with everyone who came to celebrate with you, you too can enjoy your wedding day!

These ease of planning a destination wedding is brought to you buy a team of people starting with Travel Planners who are there to help you make the perfect vacation/wedding of your dreams.

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