It’s Thirsty Thursday everyone! And today we are traveling to Hungary! I was in Hungary earlier this year and let me just say, this is a top knotch travel destination. I only got to spend one day in Budapest, but the city and country is absolutely beautiful vizesember.jpgwith so much to do and eat. Today’s drink feature is known as Unicum, let’s learn a little more about this hungarian treat.

Unicum is a hungarian liqueur that is served as both a digestiv and apertif. The main producer of the beverage is the Zwack company. Their secret recipe is made up of 40 herbs and is aged in old casks. The intersting history of Unicom dates back to Hungary’s communist era. During this time the Zwack family was exiled to the United States. Before they left Janos Zwack entrusted a friend with the secret recipe so that production could continue. After the fall of the iron curtain Peter Zwack returned to Hungary and resumed production, which is still continueing today.

Unicum is one of the national drinks of Hungary. You can take tours and do a tasting at the Zwick production faciliites in Hungary. Unfortuately that is the only way you will be able to try the drink. Original Unicum is not distributed in the United States anymore. You can however still find Unicum Next, which is a sweeter, tammer, citrus flavored version made specifically for U.S. consumption.

Interested in visiting Hungary and trying this cultural beverage? Give us a call today at 920.236.7777 or visit our website ambassadortravelltd.com to schedule an appointment.

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