Street View

GM.jpegPart of the travel experience is what our Owner and Manager Susie Leib calls destination anticipation. Your trip truly begins the moment that you start planning it, which is where we come in. Getting to experience the destination anticipation with our clients is one of the many perks of working in the travel industry. One way to begin your destination anticipation is through something that most of us have used before–Google street view. That’s right, plugging in your location or one of the major stops along the way is a fun way to get excited about your upcoming travel. One of our favorite tour companies, Contiki, has highlighted the 6 coolest places to explore on Google street view. So this is also good for getting travel ideas even before the destination anticipation. Check out the article here:


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One thought on “Street View

  1. Like your blog. I also like using the term – Elation Vacation – that starts the moment the vacation is booked until departure. Kinda like Destination anticipation. I’ve actually wished someone a happy Elation Vacation before.


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