Eco Friendly Resorts

52109e9f3c891432511fff39ba953fbd.jpgToday we are mixing this week’s Wedding Wednesday with our environmental week to highlight features of eco friendly resorts and suggest a picturesque location for destination weddings all while helping out mother earth. Giving back while traveling, or choosing a resort that focuses on natural practices and supporting their local community is a great way to enjoy your travel experience and still be working towards bettering our planet.

Let’s first learn about what an eco resort is. Basically the description of an eco resort is one that has facilities that cause a minimum impact on the local environment. These environmentally responsible lodgings follow practices of green living and must be certified green by a third party. To be certified these resorts must comply with the following rules: they must depend on their natural surrounding environment, be ecologically sustainable, prove their contribution to conservation, offer environmental training programs to staff and guests, incorporate cultural considerations and prove an economic return to the local community.

When eco resorts follow these rules they can do this by using non-toxic cleaning products, have 100% cotton sheets, towels and mattresses, be non-smoking, use a form of renewable energy like wind or solar, provide organic soap, have recycling bins in guest rooms and lobby, offer guests the option to reuse towels and sheets throughout their stay, have energy efficient lighting and provide organic and locally grown food.

b2aade2d3d90e5ddf2caa6310a07512b.jpgSo now that you know what an eco resort is, let’s talk about one! Sandos Caracol located in beautiful Playa del Carmen is the perfect setting for your next romantic getaway. As a destination wedding guest you have the option of getting married next to their natural cents or in the lush jungle. A Cenote is a natural pit or sinkhole formed by dissolving rock that exposes groundwater. They are very common in the Yucatan Peninsula and can create a gorgeous backdrop for your special day. Many of our staff here at Ambassador have been to Sandos Caracol and give it rave reviews. This resort in particular encourages guests to use biodegradable sunscreens and bring school supplies that will be donated to local schools in Playa del Carmen that they work with.

Being environmentally conscious is important and going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to abandon your beliefs. We are blessed to be able to travel and see such beautiful locations around the world. Giving back is a great way to show your appreciation for earth. If you have any questions on eco friendly resorts or Sandos Caracol please contact us today!

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