Environmental Week

Here at Ambassador Travel we believe in creating great travel experiences for our clients, working with our community as well as giving back. This Sunday we celebrate World Environmental Day. We decided that becuase of this we would like to do a week long feature on various ways travel and environmental protection can go hand and hand. If we don’t protect our world, there will be no more beautiful locations to travel to. That being said today is also an exciting day for us here becuase we are featuring our first guest blogger. The Communities class at Oshkosh North was assigned a writing project on environmental issues. Meg Traska, our featured blogger today, wrote on how our choices both good and bad affect our environment. So without further adieu I’m going to let Meg take it away–

Unknown.jpeg“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends on, have become global garbage cans.” Jacques cousteau. We need clean air and water to survive, but that plastic water bottle you just threw away went to a landfill, which has the potential to contaminate our groundwater and will release methane gas into our environment. Traveling anywhere, whether it be to the supermarket for your weekly shop or somewhere far and you need to fly , no matter where you go you leave an impact that affects the environment. The choice is yours whether it’s a good or bad impact. While traveling and you plan on flying, just think that airports and airlines recycle less than 20% of the 425,000 tons of passenger-related waste every year according to the Natural Resource Defense Council.  We are all guilty of giving our empty bottles to the flight attendant for them to throw away. When we all go on vacation we all check out and are more carefree. The earth never gets to take a vacation, so we shouldn’t take a break from taking care of our planet. Instead of giving that empty bottle to the flight attendant keep it and wait to recycle it. You could always pack that reusable water bottle and recycle your plane tickets if you are flying to help save the environment. To only think that the actual traveling part is only one segment of the vacation process. Remember that you leave an impact wherever you go and you have the choice to decide whether or not it’s a good or bad one. Every small act makes an impact, make yours count!

To find out more ways that you can give back and make the earth a better place for everyone continue to check out our blog this week on the various travel related environmental features. If you have questions or are looking to do more the next time you travel please give us a call 920.236.7777

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