Wedding Wednesday

FreeW_HM-Header.jpgHello everyone and welcome to our first installment of Wedding Wednesday! Now that it is officially June we know that wedding season is well underway. So we thought this month we would do a blog series on different aspects of both weddings and honeymoons and what we as an agency can provide as well as some great tips for all of those brides, grooms, family, friends and guests of anyone getting married or traveling for their honeymoon.

After sitting down with two of our excellent Destination Wedding and Honeymoon experts, Shauna and Dena, last week I wanted to give you all a short list of reasons why booking a destination wedding and/or honeymoon with an agent is not only a great idea, but can save you money and lets be honest who doesn’t want to save money, especially while planning a wedding.

Did you know a lot of couples are opting for summer weddings and winter honeymoons? It’s true! A lot of couples want to enjoy the warm months here in the summer and use their honeymoon time during the winter when the cold weather rolls in! What a great idea. I can speak from experience of doing a summer wedding and winter honeymoon that it is a great idea. I didn’t go somewhere warm for my honeymoon, but honestly splitting the two turned out to be a dream come true. Having our honeymoon a few months after the wedding made it seem like the wedding year was still continuing. Plus the week or so following the wedding I was thoroughly exhausted, so I was glad to not have to spend my honeymoon recovering from my wedding.

Let’s talk about some other reasons why booking with an agent can help you save money. First a lot of resorts have a limit on how many days past your wedding you can receive honeymoon deals. The window is generally 30 days, but when you book with a travel agent, we have a lot of connections at these resorts and can often get the time frame waved, giving you all the benefits of their honeymoon packages. Second if you book insurance with your trip, your travel agent will watch the price fluctuation on the resort and flight and can get you money back if the price drops. I know a lot of you have probably checked online pricing, but websites don’t let you pay in installments. With a travel agent you don’t pay for the full honeymoon/destination right up front. You have time to make payments, which can be a great thing when expenses stack up during a wedding year. And finally travel agents get promotions that the general public doesn’t have access to. What this means is that when you book something like a destination wedding, we  may be able to offer deals like every 6th room is free, or bride and groom stay free if they book a certain number of rooms. Doesn’t this all sound AMAZING? If we have intrigued you at all I would say it is time to give us a call!

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