Travel Trivia Tuesday

major-bodies-water-california_ff1fc526c6638030.jpgLast week I asked, “what is the only U.S. state without any natural lakes?” This may seem highly unlikely that any of our 50 states could be completely lake-less, at least naturally, but it is true and if you guessed Maryland then you would be correct. So let’s learn about how this is possible.

Although Maryland may not have any natural lakes, it does have 4,000 ponds, several reservoirs, Chesapeake bay, many rivers as well as around 100 man made lakes. So to say that Maryland is natural lake-less, well that is true, but it is not short in bodies of water by any means. So how do we know that there are no natural lakes in Maryland, well apparently it is someone’s job to actually figure this sort of stuff out. According to the U.S. geological survey and research hydrologist Don Rosenberry, “There are natural lakes in every state in the country except Maryland.”

Any lakes in the state of Maryland are man made and generally are the result of river embarkments and dams. Like I noted above there are about 100 man made lakes in the state some of which include: Deep Creek Lake, Lake Waterford, Lake Habeeb, Greenbriar Lake, and Lake Lignore. Some geologists believe that Buckler’s Bog near the Casselman river was once a natural lake during the Pleistocene Epoch, but they have not been able to prove this theory thus far.

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