Canelazo.jpgToday we are taking a trip down to South America to learn about a traditional warm beverage served in the Andes Mountains. The drink is known as Canelazo and is often homemade and served for celebrations. Let’s learn more about this mysterious drink.

With unknown origins, this drink has been made and passed down from generation to generation. There are no arguments over who created it and where, because it is simply something to enjoy and not fuss over. Canelazo is a hot alcoholic drink mostly associated with the Andean highlands. This includes Ecuador, Peru, Columbia and parts of Argentina.

In Ecuador and Columbia it is made with aguardiente, which is a sugar cane alcohol, sugar, and water boiled with cinnamon. Different variations include adding cloves and fruit juices. It can also be made for children without alcohol. In these countries it is drank during holidays, especially Christmas, and can be purchased in towns at street vendors.

In Peru the warm beverage is made with aguardiente, sugar, boiled water with cinnamon and lemon. It is drank at similar celebrations and again has no claim to fame with a specific person or place.

A company now bottles non-alcoholic versions that can be found online, but the true treat is to taste it made by locals. If you are interested in traveling to the Andean Highlands to try this festive drink now is the time to book! Visit our website or give us a call 920.236.7777 to schedule an appointment today!

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