Travel Trivia: Lisbon


Last week I asked, “What is the capital of Portugal?” For all of you geography lovers out there you probably already knew the answer to be Lisbon. Let’s learn more about this ancient city shall we?

Lisbon is the capital and largest city in Portugal. It is also one of the oldest cities in Western Europe. It even outdates Rome, London and Paris and only comes second to Europe’s oldest city–Athens. Located on the western Iberian peninsula situated on the Atlantic ocean, Lisbon has some of the best weather in Europe. If you are looking for a beautiful climate, especially during the winter, traveling to Lisbon is a must. Their average daytime temperatures throughout the winters are around 60 degrees. Which makes for beautiful traveling weather.

It’s nickname is the City of 7 Hills, which is a bit misleading. The tallest hill in Lisbon is Graca and was not even included as part of the 7. So if you are venturing around this Portuguese city and wonder why you are counting more than 7 hills, don’t worry the name is a bit of a misnomer. Lisbon is also known for their finance and commerce, large media, arts and entertainment center as well as trade and tourism industries. Lisbon was also the first county to import everyone’s favorite Irish Beer–Guinness in 1811.

Overall this cool city is the center for everything from ancient ruins to modern entertainment. It is a travel lovers dream because it encompasses so many great things to do. It is the perfect location for a romantic getaway, family vacation or anything in between.

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